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The New Year will bring some major changes to comics, especially in relation to the world of DC. After the two-month line-wide « Future State » event, the publisher will be releasing Infinite Frontier, a new relaunch that includes some major updates to the canon of superheroes and supervillains. After DC’s first look at Infinite Frontier last week, fans are still processing everything that goes with it – including a brand new trade dress that will adorn the main cover of every comic in the series. The trade dress comes in a variety of color schemes and features both a circular DC logo and a logo relevant to the particular book. Around this is a black oval with the issue number and a swoosh that illuminates the Infinite Frontier.

The trade dress is definitely eye-catching and has a distinctly distinctive visual flair compared to some of the publisher’s earlier trade dresses. While the gradient effect on the Swoosh is more pronounced in certain color schemes than others, it is undoubtedly still a unique addition – one that indicates the direction the entire relaunch will go.

Infinite Frontier begins with the 64-page one-shot Infinite Frontier # 0, a comprehensive story that features characters and creative teams from across the DC Universe.

« Infinite Frontier # 0 really feels like the beginning of a new era for DC Comics, a time where anything is possible, » writer Joshua Williamson said in a statement when the issue was first announced. “We’re taking the episodes of Dark Nights: Death Metal and combining them with the best things we love as storytellers about the DC Universe, resulting in bold, fun and exciting new directions. Infinite Frontier # 0 has plenty of new stories, surprises, and secrets for the year that you won’t want to miss. ”

What do you think of the commercial clothing for DC’s Infinite Frontier initiative? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Infinite Frontier is coming on Jan.. Hits stores March 25, 2021 and will retail for $ 5. $ 99 and $ 6. 99 for the card variant.

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World News – US – DC Comics Infinite Frontier Trade Dress Revealed
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