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World News – US – Everything you need to know about Doug Emhoff, Kamala Harris’ husband

Emhoff is a lawyer, father, Instagram fanatic husband and number one Kamala Harris fan

If Joe Biden wins the November presidential election, Kamala Harris will be the first woman to hold the post of vice president This will also give her husband Douglas Emhoff the chance to break down some barriers – he will be the first second gentleman in the country

Harris has made a name for herself as an accomplished politician, passionate cook and, since being named Biden’s vice president, historic vice presidential candidate In addition to becoming the first woman to hold office position, she would also be the first black and the first Indo-American person elected as vice president

Her husband (and number one fan) Douglas Emhoff is supporting her at home Emhoff, who is a lawyer, has become increasingly visible as Harris’ particularly supportive partner and social media savvy His relentless campaigning on his behalf and her social media declarations of love for Harris call even the most enthusiastic insta-husbands to step up their game

But what else do we know about Emhoff? For more details on how he and Harris met, the kind of work Emhoff did before launching into the election campaign, and what his favorite hobbies are apart from posting adorable photos of his life. woman on the gram, keep reading

Before taking time off to become a full-time Harris (and Stan) campaign staffer, Emhoff, 55, practiced law overseeing media, sports and entertainment at DLA Piper. , where he is also associated

A graduate of the Gould School of Law at the University of Southern California, Emhoff has had a 30-year career in the fields of intellectual property, technology and investigations Licensed in California and Washington, DC, he was recognized by The Best Lawyers in America for litigation between 2014 – 2018

The highlights of his career include his most notable case, which involved a breach of contract surrounding notorious chihuahua Taco Bell, with $ 42 million at stake (Emhoff’s client could have been drawn into the conflict, but he kept them out, as The Hollywood Reporter noted.)

Working with high profile clients in the NFL or who have competed in the Olympics, Emhoff is no stranger to the pressures that come with a high-profile life

Emhoff is Jewish and originally from New York, although he did not grow up there. He was born in Brooklyn to parents Barbara and Michael Emhoff, and then moved to New Jersey shortly thereafter. her father, a designer of women’s shoes, decided to move the family to California for a job opportunity, and suddenly a teenager Emhoff was living in the « Fast Times of Ridgemont High era of MOON, » As he shared in a recent YouTube interview « It was just outside the valley and it was just a complete lifestyle change from what I was used to in Jersey to the suburb of LUNE in the early eighties, and it was just amazing enough « 

When Emhoff met Harris, he divorced and co-parented his two children, Cole and Ella, with his ex-wife Kerstin Emhoff, film producer and founder of production company Prettybird

Cole, named after jazz musician John Coltrane, graduated from Colorado College in 2017 before moving to work for William Morris Endeavor, an entertainment holding company headquartered in Beverly Hills Ella, named after another Famous musician Ella Fitzgerald, a student at Parsons School of Design, according to a 2018 Vogue profile

Harris has spoken often of her love for her stepchildren and their stepchildren « I’ve had a lot of titles in my career and the VP will definitely be awesome, but Momala will always be the most important one, » she said in her acceptance speech for the appointment as vice president in August

As a tribute to Harris at the DNC, Ella praised her stepmom for her continued support away from the spotlight. “For my brother and I you will always be ‘Momala’, the tallest mother-in-law in the world,” says she « You are a rock Not just for our father, but for three generations of our big blended family »

In the same YouTube interview with Chasten Buttigieg, Emhoff opened up about how he and Harris met In 2014, one of his clients, PR director Chrisette Hudlin, suddenly asked if he was single during the  » a meeting and if he was interested in having a blind date with one of his friends

« Omg, she’s hot! » he recalls responding when he realized the friend was the Kamala Harris, who was then attorney general of California.After Emhoff agreed to the date (enthusiastically!), Hudlin passed on his number and the two started to exchange texts before meeting

Emhoff described quickly falling in love with Harris and, after several months of dating, decided to make a statement, “I sent him an email that sounded something like, ‘Hey, I’m too old man, you know, to hide the bullet from me I’m really in it, let’s just make it work ‘So we decided to give him six months and not talk about it, and if at the end of those six months we we still felt like we did, we were just going to go and that’s exactly what happened « 

The two tied the knot less than a year later, in a Santa Barbara courthouse Harris’s younger sister, Maya Harris, presided over the civil ceremony

If you take a look at Emhoff’s Instagram profile, there’s a good chance you need to do a double take to make sure you’re not on a Harris fan page Almost every photo is a celebration of the Senator and her progress throughout the campaign, like her post from Kamala on the cover of Time Magazine, which he spotted on his way to Omaha: look who I ran into at the airport « 

And in case people think his wife’s political races have been a topic of debate for both of them, Emhoff is quick to shut down that idea « Our relationship and the way I ride, my whole life has has been to support the people I love unequivocally, and they support me, ”he recently told Marie Claire“ Everything is based on parity and mutual respect ”

When not posting vivid photos of his wife’s accomplishments or the two lovebirds together, Emhoff will be taking selfies of himself in conjunction with staff members to engage voters It’s honestly pretty amazing and heartfelt to see such an outward display of affection

According to his Twitter bio, Emhoff is an « aspiring golfer, » in addition to his advocacy for justice and equality He is also a foodie in training, helping his wife with her job as a cooking as her schedule has intensified in recent months “I got pretty handy in the kitchen as a sous chef,” he told Oprah Magazine. As for how his kitchen chops match up with Harris? « It takes her about four hours to do what I do in an hour, but it’s delicious, so I just have to shut up and let it be, » she told Glamor

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