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THEY say good things happen to those who wait, but when it comes to skin care

Experts say our skin begins to age when we are around 20 – so we should start a good skin care routine as a teenager But knowing which products to use, and when, can be a minefield

Former Beauty Editor-in-Chief Ingeborg van Lotringen says: “I have worked in the industry for 30 years and have learned lessons that have had a dramatic effect on the aging of my face »

Today, Cosmo’s former beauty director offers you her top skincare tips for every decade of your life, along with a hero product under £ 10

If you want fair skin like Stranger Things actress Millie Bobby Brown, 16, never go to bed with your makeup on as it can lead to acne and you will age faster

Double-cleanse at night to get rid of super-stay foundation and avoid using bar soap or any face wash that contains sulfates as they will damage your skin over time

Spots need products containing salicylic acid to purify and heal pores Do not use alcohol or facial scrubs

Light oils or lotions are fine too, but don’t clog your pores with mineral or coconut oil lashes or shea butter – check your ingredients

Adopt the good habits of your life – get as much fresh air and exercise as you can and eat fresh foods Your skin will love you for it

Fortunately, I learned early on that stress compromises the skin’s protective barrier, leading to redness, irritation, and acne

Be gentle and cleanse regularly with mild facial cleansers or cleansing oils, and avoid alcohol and perfumes

Nourish your skin’s protective barrier with humectants such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid as well as restorative lipids such as ceramides, squalane and jojoba oil

Any mention of probiotics is good for strengthening your skin, as are the anti-inflammatory ingredients

The visible sun damage I have now I got during my teenage years in the sun and most of my 20s without SPF

You don’t seriously start losing your collagen levels until your 30s, so don’t waste money on ‘big gun’ anti-aging ingredients until you are closer to your 40s like Kate Middleton

Vitamins A and C are the best proven age-sustaining ingredients, but you don’t need their strongest forms (retinol and ascorbic acid) yet

Opt for products that mention vitamin A and / or C as part of a cocktail of antioxidants that will help protect the skin from environmental damage

Adding a serum under your moisturizer or SPF is an effective way to complement your skin care routine

It will also help you build your tolerance to the more potent versions of these vitamins, which you will need later in life

If your skin is oily, use vitamin B3 It will regulate oil production and minimize pores

Two or three times a week is enough, and milder acids such as PHA, lactic acid, and malic acid are best preferred over fast but aggressive glycolic acid, or any product. which boasts of its very high (« ten per hundred! ») percentage of acid

If you’re in your 40s, like Britain’s Got Talent judge Alesha Dixon, 42, your « youthful proteins » – collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid – will need to be boosted as your body’s ability to produce them decreases quickly

A product with potent vitamin C (look for a waterless formula with 5-10% l-ascorbic acid or 10-20% THD ascorbate) per day is your best plumping bet

But start slowly with levels as small as 01 or 02% retinol and some build-up, or irritation is likely

Always team up with an SPF50 for daytime use or you’ll instantly zap your freshly created collagen

Also consider lightening niacinamide and azelaic acid, as well as « pigment suppressors » such as licorice, arbutin, and tranexamic acid. A mixture of these in a specialized serum is best

Sadly, very few women in the world will look as fresh at 51 as superstar Jennifer Lopez

With the onset of menopause, estrogen in the body and therefore collagen production, which is linked, drops off a cliff

Continue your regimen of cellular regenerating actives and don’t fall for inferior alternatives patronized by « older » women!

Phytoestrogens in skin care are a good addition (bakuchiol is one of the main ingredients to look for), which can help replenish estrogen levels

As for hydration, the skin will become drier – but rich, heavy butters are not a must

If your skin is oily but tight and dry, you don’t need oils but humectants – which are ingredients that hydrate the skin by attracting water molecules like a magnet – like glycerin, sorbitol and seaweed extracts

Overall, a mixture of lipids and humectants is best – pay close attention to how your skin feels to determine how rich you want this concoction to be.

Yes, the lines will get deeper and the skin sagging, but the hero ingredients you now know and love will keep your skin radiant and vital, and at the same time as anti-aging movie star Susan Sarandon, 74

According to Susan, the key to her radiant complexion is to be « awake » in life and to be « confident »

She keeps her makeup minimal and also uses sunscreen, eats well, avoids smoking and filters toxins from the water

Adjust the richness of your moisturizer whenever you feel the need; this can be done just with a few drops of face oil

If you experience redness, decrease the levels of retinol, ascorbic acid or exfoliating acids that you could use With age, the skin becomes more delicate and more than ever deserves to be treated with respect

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