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World News – US – Five Reasons Why Trevor Bauer Is NL Cy Young

The Reds beat Yu Darvish and Jacob deGrom in a tight race to you that made Bauer the NL Player of the Season

See the very best of Trevor Bauer as he reclaims his NL Cy Young Award in 2020 (2:05)

Arguably NL Cy Young’s race between Trevor Bauer, U Darfish and Jacob DeGrom was the most interesting battle this award season. Here’s a closer look at the stats and performances that made Bauer the winner, the first in Cincinnati Reds history.

466 This is the difference between Power 2019 ERA 6 starts 39 out of 10 after being traded with the Reds and 1 starts 73 ERA in his Cy Young-win 11 this season

Bauer led the National League in ERA and WHIP (079), while his 100 hits were only four of the leader Darwish total. Bauer was also the only major corporate pitcher to score multiple closings this season, although both came In double-headed races in seven runs

The Cincinnati Reds are the oldest professional baseball team, with a history dating back to 1882, and they never had a Cy Young winner until Bauer got the equipment on the Wednesday night before Bauer won, the closest Reds were second placed by Tom Seaver (1981) Mario Soto (1983), Danny Jackson (1988), Pete Shorek (1995) and Johnny Quito (2014)

Darwish duel September 9 at the Chicago Cubs faced NL Cy Young’s top contestants twice this season, with Darvish winning the first battle in Game 1 on August 29 a double header, but it was Bauer’s performance the next time the two met that set him up On top of the group

He made a 3-0 lead thanks to Mike Mostakas’ first half at home, and Power went out and made his best start for the 2020 season (he scored the best result of the season was 83) as he was limited to the little boys only Three hits on 7⅔ dominant innings Bauer scored 10 cubs while not issuing any walk in the much-needed win the Reds attempted to return to the play-off match

“Once Moss hit that ball, I said, ‘Well, I can do this stand,’” Bauer said after the win, “That was the goal that helped me lock me in.”

Bauer’s success comes in large part due to his ability to use many stadiums effectively, but his slider has popped up in 2020 He has carried opposing bats for just a 075 average on the field, according to ESPN Stats & information only Devin Williams (032 on changeup) and Zach Blisac (069 on slider) to average below opposing hitters on any ground this season

“It’s really hard to make a list of things that were more fun than catching [Trevor Bauer] The guy made me better. He asked me more. Nothing supplemented my mates more than that. He got my best – Reds hunter Tucker Barnhart on Twitter in October

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World News – US – Five reasons why Trevor Bauer He is NL Cy young

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