World News – US – Glenn Greenwald steps down from outlet he founded, alleging censorship of publishers ‘backing Biden’


Journalist Glenn Greenwald on Wednesday announced his resignation from a media outlet he co-founded, alleging that editors « supporting Biden » at The Intercept had censored a track he authored

« The editors of The Intercept, in violation of my contractual right to editorial freedom, censored an article I wrote this week, refusing to publish it unless I remove all sections criticizing the Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, the candidate vehemently backed by all new – Work-based Intercept editors involved in this removal effort, « Greenwald wrote on his Substack site

The journalist, known to have published articles from documents leaked by Edward Snowden, co-founded The Intercept in 2013

« The current iteration of The Intercept is completely unrecognizable from this original vision. Rather than offering a venue to broadcast dissent, marginalized voices and unheard of perspectives, it is quickly becoming just another medium with loyalties ideological and partisan mandated, a rigid and narrow range of authorized viewpoints (ranging from establishment liberalism to soft leftism, but still rooted in ultimate support for the Democratic Party), a deep fear of offending hegemonic cultural liberalism and the center-left Twitter luminaries, and a paramount need to gain the approval and admiration of the very mainstream media that we have created The Intercept to oppose, criticize and subvert « 

He has announced that he will soon post the article in question on his Substack site, where he intends to continue reporting

« It was not an easy choice: I willingly sacrifice the support of a great institution and the guaranteed salary in exchange for nothing but the belief that there are enough people who believe in the virtues independent journalism and the need for free speech that will be ready to support my work by subscribing, « Greenwald said

« I couldn’t sleep at night knowing that I had allowed any institution to censor what I wanted to say and believe – especially a medium that I co-founded with the explicit aim of guaranteeing that this never happens to other journalists, than to me alone, let alone because I wrote an article criticizing a powerful Democratic politician vehemently supported by editors in the impending national election « 

CNSNews has reached out to Reed and First Look Media for comment, but has not received any at this time

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World News – US – Glenn Greenwald resigns from outlet he founded, alleging censorship from editors who support Biden


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