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WASHINGTON (Reuters) – General Motors Co will recall 5. 9 million vehicles with potentially dangerous Takata airbag inflators after a U. . S.. . The security agency said Monday it had denied the Detroit automaker’s petition to avoid the recall.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) said GM had to recall the 2007-2014 model year trucks and SUVs as the inflators « are subject to the same type of explosion after prolonged exposure to high heat and humidity like others » recalled refer to Takata inflators. « 

GM estimated that it would cost $ 1 in securities filings. 2 billion when it was necessary to replace airbag inflators to avoid repair. The company confirmed the estimated cost on Monday.

The company had argued that the recalls were unnecessary because they did not pose a security risk.

GM said Monday it still believes « based on actual and scientific records, » recalling these vehicles is not warranted. « . « The company said it » will abide by NHTSA’s decision and take the necessary steps. « 

The defect that in rare cases causes airbag inflators to burst and release potentially fatal metal fragments – especially after prolonged exposure to high humidity – led to the largest motor vehicle recall in U.. . S.. . History of more than 63 million inflators. Around 100 million inflators have been recalled by 19 major car manufacturers worldwide.

The recall includes some Cadillac Escalade, Chevrolet Silverado, Chevrolet Suburban, Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Sierra and GMC Yukon vehicles that were built over an eight-year period.

A total of 18 u. . S.. . Takata airbag inflator-related deaths have been reported to have occurred, although none of them affected GM vehicles.

So far 15 h. . S.. . Since 2009, deaths have been reported in Honda vehicles, two in Ford Motor Co-vehicles and one in a BMW.

GM first filed a petition in 2016 to avoid the recall. NHTSA found that in almost 30 years it has only granted one petition in which a « defect is not relevant for the safety of motor vehicles » and « under completely different circumstances ». « 

GM argues the 5th. 9 million vehicles are different from other vehicles with Takata inflators. The automaker estimates that 66. 894 Takata passenger airbag inflators were deployed in the vehicles investigated without any report of breakage.

Peter Prieto, an attorney who represents consumers in Takata lawsuits, said the decision « proves that GM’s Takata inflators are neither unique nor special. GM’s inflators carry the same risk of exploding and seriously injuring passengers as any other Takata inflator. « 

A group of Pennsylvania Republicans filed a lawsuit over the weekend to block certification of the state’s election results. In the eleventh hour, attempts were made to undo Joe Biden’s victory in the main battlefield state. The urgency motion filed in the state court challenges a voting reform bill passed by the Pennsylvania Republican legislature last October. The lawsuit alleges that the legal non-excuse of mail-in votes is « unconstitutional » and seeks to prevent Pennsylvania counties from confirming their voting results before Monday’s deadline, and millions of mail In votes cast in 2020, void election. The group is led by Pennsylvania Representative Mike Kelly and GOP Congressional candidate Sean Parnell, who has conceded no goals since his defeat earlier this month by his Democratic rival, Representative Conor Lamb. Her lawsuit names Democratic Governor Tom Wolf, the GOP-led legislature, and Foreign Secretary Kathy Boockvar as defendants. Meanwhile, a federal judge on Saturday dismissed a Trump campaign lawsuit seeking to invalidate millions of Pennsylvania votes and block confirmation of the state’s election results. Trump wrote in a tweet on Saturday night that he wants to appeal the decision. About 2. 6 million Pennsylvania voters cast postal ballots in this month’s general election. According to an analysis of the Pennsylvania State Department data, Biden won three out of four postal ballots submitted in the state. Biden won Pennsylvania by over 80. 000 votes against President Trump and is expected to receive Keystone State’s coveted 20 electoral votes. The states have until the 8th. December is time to resolve election disputes and voters will vote on December 14. December to officially vote for the next president. In the past few weeks, Trump has made allegations that large-scale postal voting was fraudulent. The president has claimed he won the election and refused to admit, despite the fact that his lawyers have failed to present evidence of fraud widespread enough to change the election result.

President-elect Joe Biden is expected to announce Linda Thomas-Greenfield as his nominee for Ambassador to the United Nations and Jake Sullivan as his national security adviser, several people familiar with the matter told the Washington Post. Thomas-Greenfield spent 35 years in the foreign service and retired in 2017. She served as Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs and was Ambassador to Liberia during the Obama administration. She is now a Senior Counselor at the consulting firm Albright Stonebridge. Sullivan was one of Biden’s national security advisors while serving as vice president and was also assistant chief of staff to Hillary Clinton when she was secretary of state. Antony Blinken, Biden’s reported election as his candidate for secretary of state, was also one of Biden’s national security advisers while he was vice president. More stories from the week. com Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who « have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump ». There’s a very simple, hugely plausible reason Trump won’t admit Biden won. Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it.

AstraZeneca said Monday that late-stage studies showed its COVID-19 vaccine at Oxford University was up to 90% effective in preventing disease.

Government Official Discovered Mysterious Metal Structure Amid Red Rocks While Counting Bighorn Sheep A mysterious monolith was discovered in a remote part of Utah after it was discovered by government officials counting sheep from a helicopter. The structure, which was estimated to be between 10 and 12 feet (about 3 meters) in height, appeared to be planted in the ground. It was made of some kind of metal, the sheen of which was in sharp contrast to the huge red rocks that surrounded it. Utah’s highway patrol shared images of both the sheep and the monolith. Helicopter pilot Bret Hutchings told local news channel KSLTV: « That was the strangest thing I’ve come across in all my years of flying. Hutchings flew for the Department of Public Safety in Utah, which helped wildlife resources officials count bighorn sheep in the south of the state. « One of the biologists is the one who discovered it, and we happened to fly right over it, » Hutchings said. « He said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa, turn around, turn around!’ And I said, ‘What?’ And he said, ‘There’s that thing over there – we have to look at it!’ Hutchings said the object looked artificial and was firmly planted in the ground and not fallen from the sky. « I’m assuming it’s a new wave artist or something, or someone who was a huge fan in 2001: a Space Odyssey fan, » said Hutchings. The monolith and its surroundings resembled a famous scene from Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 film in which a group of monkeys encounter a giant slab. > The @UtahDPS helicopter assisted the @UtahDWR counting bighorn sheep in remote southern Utah on Wednesday when the crew came across something completely « out of this world ». . . . @ KSL5TV KSLTV Utah >> Photojournalist: @ Photog_Steve5 pic. Twitter. com / f8P0fayDIS >> – Andrew Adams (@AndrewAdamsKSL) 21. November 2020 After recognizing the monolith, the helicopter crew landed to take a closer look. The ground floor video captured by KLTV showed crew members climbing onto each other’s shoulders to reach the top of the monolith. Said Hutchings. “We were having a bit of fun, if one of us suddenly disappears, the rest of us run away. « Bighorn sheep live in some of the harshest and most remote areas of Utah and survive in hostile climates. Fearing amateur explorers might get stuck in the wild while searching for the monolith, the flight crew has not disclosed their exact location.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador denied on Monday that Mexico agreed to capture a cartel leader for the United States to secure the return of ex-Defense Secretary Salvador Cienfuegos from U.. S.. . care. Reuters reported last week that Mexico agreed with U.. S.. . Attorney General William Barr is said to seek the arrest of a senior Mexican drug cartel leader under an agreement to obtain U.. S.. . Cienfuegos was charged with drug trafficking. « There is no agreement in the shadows, » Lopez Obrador said at his regular press conference, referring to the Reuters story and other media reports that Mexico had threatened to expel U.. S.. . Drug Enforcement Administration agents over the arrest of Cienfuegos.

An elected firearm congresswoman who owns a gun-themed restaurant in Rifle, Colorado has already asked Capitol Police to carry her gun on Capitol grounds, her office has confirmed. The practice is allowed for lawmakers with some restrictions after decades of congressional regulations. The public is not permitted to carry weapons in the Capitol, on the premises, or in the office buildings.

There is a growing likelihood that the first round of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine will be launched in just a few weeks. In this case, only high priority groups such as health care workers are expected to have access. In theory, the pool will grow over time, but kids will likely have to wait a while. This is partly because younger people, while by no means invulnerable to COVID-19, are less prone to severe cases, but it also has to do with the fact that the youngest people Pfizer’s candidates received in court cases were between 12 and under 14 years old, Dr. . Moncef Slaoui, the White House vaccine tsar, told CNN’s Jake Tapper on Sunday. There are currently no data on the vaccine’s effectiveness or safety for younger children, but Slaoui says there are plans to conduct trials at an accelerated pace in the coming months, first with younger adolescents, then with toddlers, and finally with infants. If that goes well, Slaoui expects most children to be able to be vaccinated by the middle of next year, although infants may not be admitted until late 2021. > Dr. . White House vaccine czar Moncef Slaoui tells @jaketapper that he expects children to be able to get a coronavirus vaccine by the middle of next year. « We need to get these clinical trials done quickly. « CNNSOTU picture. Twitter. com / WlOUxKA3RN >> – State of the Union (@CNNSotu) 22. November 2020More stories from the week. com Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who « have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump ». There’s a very simple, hugely plausible reason Trump won’t admit Biden won. Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it.

I live in a democracy. But as Thanksgiving approaches, I long for the kind of freedom I see in China. The people of China can now move around freely. Many Americans may believe that the Chinese can enjoy this freedom because of China’s authoritarian regime. As a public health scientist in China, I think the answers go beyond that. My research suggests that fighting the virus in China is not the result of authoritarian politics, but rather a national prioritization of health. With SARS, the first coronavirus pandemic of the 21st. Century, learned a hard lesson. How China flattened its curve Almost a year ago, a new type of coronavirus emerged in Wuhan, China. 000 cases were identified in which 3. 000 people were killed. At the end of January 2020, the Chinese government decided to lock down this city of 11 million people. All transports to and from the city were stopped. Officials continued to detain several other cities in Hubei Province and eventually quarantined over 50 million people. In early April, the Chinese government limited the spread of the virus to a point where they felt comfortable reopening Wuhan. Seven months later, China has 9. 100 more cases confirmed and 1. 407 more deaths from coronavirus recorded. People in China travel, eat in restaurants and go to the theater, and children go to school without worrying about their health. Contrast that with what we experience in the U.. S.. . To date, we’ve confirmed over 11 million cases, with the last 1 million recorded in the last week alone. In September and October, friends from China sent me pictures of food from around the country as they traveled to visit friends and family for the Mid-Autumn Festival and then the seven-day holiday week on the National Day. I envied her then, and now I envied her even more as Americans prepared and asked how we’re going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year. What China has learned from SARSWe-Americans is said that the freedoms Chinese now enjoy come at the expense of draconian public health policies that can only be implemented by an authoritarian government. But you also have the experience of witnessing a similar epidemic. SARS broke out in November 2002 and ended in May 2003, and China was far from prepared for its emergence. It did not have the public health infrastructure to detect or control such a disease and initially decided to give politics and business priority over health by covering up the epidemic. This didn’t work with such a virulent disease that spread around the world. After China’s leaders were forced to come to terms with SARS, they eventually enforced quarantine in Beijing and said the week-long public holiday on Jan.. May 2003 onwards. This helped end the pandemic in a matter of months with minimal impact. SARS infected about 8 people worldwide. 000, killing approximately 800, 65% of which occurred in China and Hong Kong. The Chinese government learned from SARS the important role public health plays in protecting the nation. After SARS, the government improved education for health professionals and developed one of the most advanced disease monitoring systems in the world. While the country was unprepared for this next major coronavirus outbreak in December 2019, it quickly mobilized its resources to nearly halt the epidemic within its borders within three months. What can the US learn from China? Knowing that there were no safe or proven treatments or an effective vaccine, China relied on proven non-pharmaceutical interventions to fight the epidemic. Primarily, the virus has been contained by controlling sources of infection and blocking transmission. This has been achieved through early detection (testing), isolation, treatment and tracking of the close contacts of an infected individual. This strategy was supported by the three field hospitals (fancang) that the government established to isolate patients with mild to moderate symptoms from their families. Strict quarantine measures were just as central to preventing this epidemic from spreading, as was the case with the SARS epidemic in 2003. This was accompanied by the mandatory wearing of masks, the promotion of personal hygiene (hand washing, home disinfection, ventilation), self-monitoring of body temperature, general mandatory orders for staying at home for all residents and universal symptom surveys carried out by the community became workers and volunteers. What else could the US have done to be prepared for this? SARS exposed serious weaknesses in the Chinese health system and prompted the government to reinvent the public health system. COVID-19 has revealed similar deficiencies in the underground. S.. . public health system. So far, however, the current government has taken the exact opposite approach and destroyed our public health system. The Trump administration has slashed the budgets of the National Health Institutes and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The last budget presented by the Trump administration in February 2020 at the start of the pandemic included an additional cut of the CDC budget by $ 693 million. This affected our ability to prepare for a pandemic outbreak. In the past, this preparation has included international partnerships to identify diseases before they reach our coast. For example, after the SARS epidemic, the CDC established partnerships with China to curb the incidence of infectious diseases in the region. At one point, the CDC had 10 American experts on the ground in China and 40 local Chinese staff, mostly focused on infectious diseases. Trump began cutting these positions shortly after taking office, and when COVID-19 broke out, these programs were reduced to one or two skeletal employees. [Research on Coronavirus and Other Scientific News Subscribe to The Conversation’s new scientific newsletter. ] The Alma Ata Declaration guaranteed health for all, not just health for people governed under a certain bureaucratic system. The U. S.. . was and can do just as much to protect the health of its people as China did under its authoritarian government. We demonstrated this during the Ebola epidemic when an entire government action was launched coordinated by Ron Klain, who was appointed White House Chief of Staff under President-elect Biden. These efforts, which included a coordinated response with both African nations and China, improved preparedness within the US. S.. . and ultimately helped save hundreds of thousands of lives around the world. A cut in funding for our public health infrastructure under the Trump administration was an alienation of the health of the American people and should not have happened. I hope that a new government that puts public health at the forefront will prove to us that health can not only be protected under an authoritarian government, but that health is indeed a right for all. This article was republished by The Conversation, a non-profit news site dedicated to exchanging ideas from academic experts. It was written by: Elanah Uretsky, Brandeis University. Read more: * The poor response from the US pandemic will have an impact on health policy for years, health scientists warn. * Experts agree that Trump’s coronavirus response has been bad, but the US was ill-prepared in the first place. Elan Uretsky does not work for, consult, own any interest in, or receive any funding from any company or organization that would benefit from this article, and has not disclosed any relevant affiliations beyond her academic appointment.

We’ve put together a mix of gifts that help others keep people healthy and add something to the home&nbsp – originally posted on Architectural Digest

Hamza « Travis » Nagdy, a young protest leader during the Racial Justice Movement in Louisville in 2020, was killed in a shootout, his family says.

A federal court has dismissed the Trump campaign lawsuit in Pennsylvania that challenged alleged President-elect Joe Biden’s victory in the Commonwealth. With that, District Judge Matthew Brann rejected the eleventh hour campaign attempt to file a new complaint that would have resumed election fraud allegations that the Trump campaign had abandoned a few days earlier. (I’ve outlined the lawsuit here and explained the Trump campaign’s final efforts to change it here. ) Judge Brann’s 37-page statement contains various reasons for dismissing the case. Most of them target the complaints of two individual plaintiffs – voters who alleged their ballot papers were wrongly discounted. In contrast, the court found that the Trump campaign had no legal standing as it did not present evidence that President Trump was visibly harmed by the way the Pennsylvania elections were conducted. Basically, however, the court found that the fatal flaw in the case is the one we have repeatedly emphasized: the disproportion between the alleged damage and the legal remedy sought. Even if one accepted the dubious premise that the two voters in question were wrongly denied the right to vote while others in a similar position were not represented, the corresponding relief would be that their votes would be counted. However, this was not the remedy they were looking for. Instead, the two voters, backed by the Trump campaign, petitioned the court to prevent Pennsylvania from confirming the Commonwealth election results on Monday, in which Biden was 83. Won 000 votes. Brann replied:> A ban on confirming the election results would not restore the right to vote for individual plaintiffs. It would just deny more than 6. 8 million [Pennsylvanians] have the right to vote. “Standing is measured using damage theory and the specific relief requested. « It is not » given gross: a plaintiff’s appeal must be tailored to remedy the particular violation of the plaintiff. Here, the answer to invalid ballot papers is not to invalidate millions more. [Footnotes omitted. ] As we described in detail on Friday, the case was in a strange position. When you filed your original complaint on Jan.. On November 11th, the Trump campaign alleged widespread electoral fraud, based primarily on allegations that Republican election observers were denied a meaningful opportunity to watch the vote. As Brann notes (and we have discussed here), the Federal Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (which is binding on the Brann District Court) on Jan.. November his opinion in the Bognet v. Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. While Bognet’s reasoning is not directly related to the case of the campaign, it significantly undermines his claims. The campaign responded by modifying its complaint, downgrading the case to narrow allegations that Trump voters’ equal rights (and therefore the rights of the campaign) were violated by an allegedly skewed process: mail-in voters in Biden-friendly Counties They had been allowed to fix flaws in the ballots they submitted, while voters in Trump-friendly counties were not. Brann denied this claim and accepted the Pennsylvania argument that Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar had promoted electoral healing across the state. The state government was therefore not to blame if not all districts took this opportunity. However, this is largely irrelevant. Even if there had been a violation of electoral rights, the means would be to count their votes. Instead, the court found, plaintiffs seek to resolve the denial of their votes by invalidating the votes of millions of others. Instead of requiring their votes to be counted, they try to discredit scores of other votes, but only for one race [i. e. , the presidential race, not the other competitions]. That’s just not how the constitution works. [Emphasis added. ] Additionally:> In order to grant plaintiffs’ requested relief, the ballot papers of every person who voted in Pennsylvania would have to be invalidated. Since this court does not have the power to withdraw the right to vote from even a single person who admits millions of citizens, it cannot grant the easements requested by the plaintiffs. Brann concluded that the Trump campaign was not entitled to infer based on the damage claimed by the two voters, particularly following the Bognet ruling. He expressly rejected both of the main complaints of the election campaign for the same protection: (1) that the election observers were discriminatory excluded from watching the screen and (2) that the possibility for voters to cure faulty ballot papers was deliberately given in the counties known to the state was going to prefer Biden. Regarding the former, Brann took the view that, as the Trump campaign claimed, this was not a problem of equal protection. The campaign did not claim that Trump observers were treated any differently from Biden observers. On the latter, Brann came to the conclusion that the Bush v. In any case, Gore did not claim that Boockvar’s guidelines for healing ballots differed from county to county. Most notably, Brann denied the Trump campaign’s dilatory attempt to revise their complaint again late last week in order to resume claims from their original complaint, which they withdrew last weekend. The court ruled that doing so would « unduly delay the resolution of the issues » as Monday the 23rd. November, the deadline for Pennsylvania counties to confirm their state government election results – a necessary prelude to the nomination of the electoral roll who will cast the votes of the Commonwealth Electoral College?. In response to the verdict, Trump campaign lawyers issued a statement claiming that while they disagreed with the decision of the “Obama-appointed judge”, they were in fact a boon to “our strategy, quick to get to the U.. S.. . Supreme Court. It is true that Brann was appointed by former President Barack Obama, but he is a member of the Republican and Federal Society sponsored by the state’s Republican Senator Pat Toomey – a common situation when the two senators of a state are different Parties and a government must come from horse trading dates. Trump’s attorneys added that the ruling “denied them the opportunity to present our evidence at a hearing. They described this as « censoring » « 50 witnesses » who testified that election officials had contested the « independent review » required by Pennsylvania law. This is an obvious indication of the campaign’s claim that its election observers were not given a meaningful opportunity to watch the screen, which, according to lawyers, led to the 682. 777 ballot papers were illegally cast. The campaign did not mention that it had removed this charge from its original complaint. Nor was it referred to Brann’s conclusion that the claim was not an identifiable claim to equal protection under federal law. The campaign says it will seek an expedited appeal to the Third Circuit – the tribunal that just ruled the Bognet case, the precedent that has apparently led the campaign to withdraw the claims it is now seeking to revive. In any case, it is far from clear that the Supreme Court, which has so far refused to respond to the claims from the Pennsylvania suffrage relevant to the 2020 election, would approve the case of the campaign – even if the Third Circle accelerated one Appeal granted and, as even the campaign clearly expects, rules against the campaign.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took a private jet to Neom, Saudi Arabia on Sunday for a secret meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and U.. . S.. . Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Israeli media and the Wall Street Journal report. Two advisors to the Saudi government tell the Journal that Netanyahu and bin Salman discussed Iran and normalizing relations at their first known face-to-face meeting, but no significant agreements were reached. Yossi Cohen, director of the Israeli espionage agency Mossad, was also on the way, reports the Israeli Army Radio. Flight data showed that a Gulfstream IV private jet that Netanyahu likes to use travels from Tel Aviv to Neom, a Saudi vacation town on the Red Sea. > MBS and Pompeo were at NEOM at the time. https: // t. co / bc2H4hETk8 >> – avi spicy (@avischarf) 23. November 2020 « Pompeo was traveling through the Middle East with an American press pool, but left them at Neom Airport when he was visiting the Crown Prince. « The Associated Press reports. The Trump administration recently endorsed brokerage agreements to normalize relations between Israel and several Arab Gulf states, including Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates. and Sudan. « Saudi Arabia is seen as the ultimate prize in the high-stakes diplomatic campaign, » the Journal notes. « The Saudi government, led by King Salman, has so far refused formal relations with Israel as long as the conflict with the Palestinians remains unsolved, » reports the Journal. « But Saudi Arabia’s king has argued with his son, Prince Mohammed, over the embrace of the Jewish state. The king is a long-time proponent of the Arab boycott of Israel and the Palestinian demand for an independent state, while the prince wants to go beyond what he believes is an insoluble conflict to do business with Israel and align himself with Iran. « Benny Gantz, Israel’s deputy prime minister under a power-sharing agreement with Netanyahu, and Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi were in the dark about the meeting, reports Haaretz. « Israel has long had secret ties with Arab Gulf states, which have grown stronger in recent years when faced with a common threat in Iran, » added AP. More stories from the week. com Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who « have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump ». There’s a very simple, hugely plausible reason Trump won’t admit Biden won. Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it.

Facebook will promote vaccine and climate change information to keep the Biden administration happy, sources told the Financial Times.

U. . S.. . National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien on Monday assured the Philippines and Vietnam, both embroiled in maritime disputes with China, that Washington has its back and would fight to keep the Indo-Pacific region free and open. « Our message is that we will be here, we have your back and we will not go, » said O’Brien on a visit to the Philippines after completing a trip to Vietnam on Sunday. Vietnam and the Philippines have been the vocal regional opponents of what they see as China’s overreach in the South China Sea and its disregard for the boundaries of international maritime law.

While witnesses described the shooter as a white man in his twenties or thirties, Wauwatosa Police Chief Barry Weber said the suspect was a Spanish teenager.

Somewhere in Virginia, a turkey named carrots feels validated. Two years ago this week, President Trump hosted the annual White House Turkey Forgiveness, where the American people could vote online to decide the fate of the peas and carrots birds. The President jokingly mocked the lost turkey carrots so that it wouldn’t miss the opportunity to roast. « Unfortunately, Carrots refused to admit and requested a recount, » Trump said in 2018. « We’re still fighting with carrots. « > FLASHBACK: In 2018, President Trump attacked the turkey carrots for refusing to admit that he lost the vote on the White House turkey pardon. >> « This was a fair choice. . . Unfortunately, carrots refused to admit and asked for a recount. « >> picture. Twitter. com / MzcackiDwd >> – andrew kaczynski (@KFILE) 23. November 2020Replace « carrots » with « Trump » and we essentially have the story of the 2020 election. While President-elect Joe Biden fills his cabinet, Trump steadfastly refuses to admit less despite 74 fewer votes. Similar to Carrots, Trump has called for recounts in several states, including Georgia, where taxpayers will fund a third recount. It’s unclear whether Carrots ever officially admitted his 2018 loss or whether Trump has plans to do so. Carrots, however, are making their way to the nation’s number one retirement location for former White House turkeys, so there is certainly hope for Trump’s post-president life. More stories from the week. com Reporter Carl Bernstein names 21 GOP senators who « have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump ». There’s a very simple, hugely plausible reason Trump won’t admit Biden won. Biden steals the spotlight. Trump can’t stand it.

Three prominent Hong Kong activists stand outside jail after pleading guilty Monday to instigating an « illegal gathering » outside the city’s main police station during the major anti-democracy protests last year.

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World News – USA – GM will recall 5. 9 million vehicles for airbag delivery – safety agency
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GM to 7 million vehicles recalled worldwide to replace Takata airbags
GM will recall 5. 9 Million Vehicles for Airbag Issue: Security Agency
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NHTSA: GM has to recall 6m pickups and SUVs because of Takata airbag hazard Recall Takata airbag threat
GM recalls 7 million trucks and SUVs via Takata airbags
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GM remember about 5. 9 million vehicles with Takata airbag inflators
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Another 5. 8 million GM trucks and SUVs added to Takata airbag inflator recall
> General Motors is recalling nearly 6 million trucks with Takata airbag inflators

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