World News – US – Limbaugh pushes easily debunked viral lie about Wisconsin voter fraud


11/04/20 3:25 PM EST

Melissa Joskow / Media inquiries

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh has been promoting a feverish fantasy about Wisconsin’s presidential results in order to delegitimize the election result

President Donald Trump led the state on Tuesday night, but Democratic candidate Joe Biden took the lead and is expected to have won it on Wednesday thanks to mail-in ballots that heavily boosted his campaign Right-wing media figures feverishly concocted fraud allegations in Wisconsin and other states where Biden is leading or regaining ground in hopes of helping Trump create chaos and lay the groundwork for rejecting votes legally expressed

Limbaugh, who received Trump’s Medal of Freedom in February, responded to the news that Biden was early Wednesday afternoon by citing what he claimed was « direct evidence of electoral fraud » in the Wisconsin According to host, « Wisconsin now has more votes than those registered to vote »

From the November 4, 2020 edition of Premier Radio Networks’ The Rush Limbaugh

RUSH LIMBAUGH (HOST): I haven’t been able to confirm this I think it’s probably true Wisconsin now has more votes than those registered to vote The total number of registered voters Wisconsin, 3,129,000, rounded The total number of votes cast in Wisconsin is 3,239,920 Số 31 million registered voters; 323 million votes cast No, no, no, no, no, no How’s it going? I mean, this is direct evidence of voter fraud

The Trump people are fully aware of this They are also aware of this that – there is no one better to lead this than the Trump family and the team of people they have put together. no one better to perform this operation There is nothing that will surprise them, there is nothing that will escape them There is nothing that they have not seen and are not prepared for

Limbaugh appeared to be quoting a lie that came from Speak and aired on TikTok and other social media platforms on Wednesday It went viral after being shared by Trumpist influencer and conspiracy theorist Michael Coudrey

« BREAKING: Wisconsin has more votes than those registered to vote, » Coudrey tweeted He went on to say that the state had registered 3,239,920 votes but only had 3,129,000

It’s Not As Snopescom pointed out, the figure of 3,129,000 was the number of registered voters in Wisconsin during midterm 2018 As of November 1, the state had 3,684,726 active registered voters, according to his election commission Contra the viral lie and Limbaugh, 3684726 is greater than both 3129000 and the total number of votes recorded at the time of publication, 3297137

Coudrey’s post was later deleted But now one of the main lights of the right-wing media has exploded its claims to its millions of listeners


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World news – US – Limbaugh pushes easily debunked viral lie about Wisconsin voter fraud
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