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COLUMBIA, SC – In their first debate in a race that broke fundraising records and became one of the most closely watched Senate contests of this cycle, US Sen Lindsey Graham of Caroline South and Democratic challenger Jaime Harrison drew multiple contrasts between their campaigns, but they also presented themselves as willing to work on the other side to make legislative progress

In his pursuit of a fourth term, Graham – chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee – has also argued for his main goal in Congress at the moment: the confirmation of President Donald Trump’s last candidate for the Supreme Court

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« Are you a multimillionaire and you can’t pay off your student loans? »

Harrison described himself as willing to work with Republicans on a variety of issues, describing when, as Democratic president of the state, he became close friends with his GOP counterpart He also criticized the long-standing lawmaker’s previous support for 12-year term limits and added: “I think the ultimate term limit is in the power of the people here in South Carolina. »

In response, Graham introduced himself as a conservative unafraid to work with Democrats, bringing up issues like immigration and telling voters, ‘You can limit my tenure on Nov 3 if you wish « 

From his opening statement and through nearly all of the responses to the hour-long debate, Graham has worked in his support for a conservative justice system and in particular Amy Coney Barrett, whom he called a « buffer to liberalism Which he hoped « won’t be treated like Kavanaugh » in his next confirmation hearings

It was Graham’s fierce defense of Brett Kavanaugh in 2018 that helped solidify his now close relationship with Trump, as well as renewed support for some who had not seen Graham as conservative enough to represent the Caroline from the south The moment, Graham said on Saturday, also pissed off Liberals who he says are now pouring $ 100 million into Harrison’s campaign and the groups that support him, in an attempt to oust Graham

« Where is all this money coming from? » Graham asked, « These are the Liberals who hate my guts when I stood up for Kavanaugh This is about my helping President Trump »

Harrison, 44, lambasted Graham, 65, for what he called conflicting positions on whether to fill vacancies on the Supreme Court in a presidential election year

“Senator, you said ‘use my words against me’,” Harrison said, referring to Graham’s 2018 comments on the subject “Your promise was that no judicial candidate should be approved during the last year of an election What is the quality of your speech? « 

Graham, repeatedly stressing his support for two of President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court candidates, said Barrett « is going to be confirmed because the president has the constitutional authority to do so »

The ongoing pandemic also played a role, both on stage and in structuring the debates No member of the public was allowed to attend the event at Allen University, a historically black institution in Colombia. media and campaign staff inside were dispersed and required to complete questionnaires declaring no exposure or symptoms of coronavirus

After several senators announced they tested positive for COVID-19, Republican leaders on Saturday announced they would refrain from legislative work until October 19 that leaders say they will not derail Barrett’s hearings, which are expected start on October 12 As two committee members recently contracted the coronavirus, Graham said on Friday senators could virtually attend

Candidates spoke from podiums 13 feet apart Harrison’s podium was protected on the side closest to Graham by a plexiglass bulkhead, which the campaign said was used in accordance with federal recommendations according to which anyone in close contact with someone infected with COVID-19 should be quarantined for 14 days

Both candidates say they tested negative on Friday, but Graham recently met with other Senate Republicans – several of whom have tested positive for coronavirus – as well as Trump, currently hospitalized with COVID-19

Of his score, Harrison said he took every precaution to protect himself and his loved ones

« It’s not just about me, it’s about the people in my life that I have to take care of, as well as my two boys, my wife, my grandmother, » Harrison said. p>

Asked later about the number of public officials who have recently contracted COVID, Graham reiterated his commitment to keeping the economy and government at work amid the pandemic and noting: “The virus is a problem that is come from China, no Trump Tower « 

Harrison’s campaign officials said they raised $ 340,000 during the debate and the hour after Graham’s campaign said they ‘are not discussing these numbers’ The two men are to debate next in October 9

Jaime Harrison

World News – USA – Lindsey Graham takes on Jaime Harrison in heated debate


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