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Wayne County Council initially reached a deadlock 2-2 over the certification of results, with two Democrats voting to ratify and two Republicans voting against it, citing concerns over examples where Detroit districts found discrepancies during the post-election review process. . Democratic officials and non-partisan experts immediately condemned the vote, and said the election in Detroit was conducted cleanly.. .

President-elect Joe Biden won Michigan with more than 148,000 votes, a victory thanks to the strong performance in Wayne County, where he garnered more than 322,000 votes against President Donald Trump. .

The initial vote against certification caught the attention of the president, who posted a series of tweets praising the Republican Party members on the Counting Board for « their courage.. He also posted false allegations about widespread voter fraud and said state officials should « return Michigan to Trump. ».

Trump launched a long attempt to nullify the election results through lawsuits, and one of Trump’s campaign legal advisors said that initial refusal to certify the results should open the door to « a Republican state legislator (sic) will choose voters. ». Michigan Republican lawmakers have repeatedly said that they will respect the statewide popular vote and will not interfere in the process..

In announcing their decision to endorse the results, the Board of Directors also called on the Secretary of State of Michigan, Jocelyn Benson, to conduct a thorough vetting of districts in Detroit that found discrepancies during the post-election review.. . In an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo on « Cuomo Prime Time, » Benson said she would conduct this audit, and praised the county council’s decision to reverse itself and endorse the results..

She said: « It seems that the truth has won in this scenario. ». Basically, the evidence was clear: There were no wrongdoing, no evidence of widespread fraud, and in fact there were minor clerical errors.. . . . I think they did the right thing, they did their duty and validated the Wayne County voter election.

Even after the initial party stalemate, experts were skeptical that results from Wayne County would eventually be excluded from the statewide census.. That could have put Biden’s victory in Michigan in jeopardy – but CNN forecast that he would win 306 electoral votes, meaning he would remain the next president even in the unlikely scenario that he would not receive 16 electoral votes in Michigan..

During a Wayne County Board of Directors meeting, Vice President Jonathan Kinloch described the previous predicament as « reckless and irresponsible. ». Kinloch is one of two Democrats on the committee.

“This council has prided itself over the years at not allowing politics to show itself in the actions of what we do,” Kinloch said. « There is no reason in the sun that prevents us from ratifying this election. I think politics has made its presence here today, and I believe that this council should live with the fact that we allowed unrelated foreign issues to influence this decision today, hoping for change and achieving an outcome that does not happen..

The Republican Chair of the Board of Directors, Monica Palmer, explained why she had previously voted against the certification.

“Based on what I saw and scrolled through in the ballot books on this board, I believe we don’t have complete and accurate information in these ballot books,” Palmer said.

At one point, Palmer suggested that the board endorse the rest of the county’s findings, except for the Detroit results, which the board did not follow through..

“I will be open to a proposal to endorse communities other than the City of Detroit,” referring to other parts of Wayne County.

In a written statement after the initial deadlock, Benson said it was « common » for some districts to have slight discrepancies with the ballot books. But she also said: “What is important is that this is not an indication that any votes were cast or counted incorrectly.

“People have spoken: Joe Biden won Michigan by over 140. 000 votes, « Governor. Gretchen Whitmer, a Democrat, said in a statement. What happened today was a blatant attempt to undermine the will of the electorate. The process, however, will go ahead. Under Michigan state law, the Michigan State Assembly of Experts will now finish the assignment and I have every expectation that they will certify the results when the mission is done..

Nancy Kuffer, columnist for the Detroit Free Press, tweeted, “This is unprecedented in the 20 years I’ve covered the government here.. Amy Walter of the nonpartisan political magazine Cook tweeted, “There was no evidence of fraud here or anywhere else,” and she said that Republican efforts to ban certification “cause real and lasting damage to our institutions..

The Republican-led Michigan Senate voted in September to support a resolution affirming that state voters should be loyal to vote for the presidential candidate as approved by Michigan election officials, Amber McCann, Deputy Chief of Staff of Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirky, She confirmed to CNN.

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World News – US – Michigan’s largest county is seeing election results after Republicans banned certification earlier – Local news 8


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