World News – US – Minecraft Steve is the next DLC character in Smash Ultimate


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It really happened folks, Steve from Minecraft is joining Super Smash Bros Ultimate as the next DLC fighter

An in-depth look at Minecraft Steve and Alex in Super Smash Bros Ultimate will last 45 minutes on October 3

The long wait is finally over for Smash Ultimate fans, as we now know that Minecraft Steve will be joining the game as the second character in Fighter Pass 2 The new addition follows Min Min d’Arms, which has joined the game in July It’s not just Steve, as alternate skins will allow players to control Alex, Zombie and even an Enderman!

After the short reveal trailer, Super Smash Bros. ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai provided some background on the new fighter, touching on the challenges of bringing the fighter into play, including reworking stages to allow for placing blocks on it Sakurai has promised a more in-depth video on all of the character’s movements in the near future, as he did with previous additions. You can watch this unfold in the Mr Sakurai presents « Steve & Alex » Airs October 3 at 7:30 a.m. PT (10:30 a.m.ET, 3:30 p.m. BST, 4:30 p.m. CEST)

The new character will be included for anyone who purchased Fighter Pass 2, but can also be purchased alone in a Challenger pack which costs $ 5.99 As usual, this pack not only includes the fighter, but also its own scene and his own music We take a look at Minecraft’s step in reveal images, which are insanely blocky, as you might expect! It appears to move through different biomes and shapes, although it’s not clear if this will change every time you play or during a match.

As for the fighter himself, the Minecraft character (Steve, Alex, Enderman, as you wish) is able to mine surfaces on the ground, plant blocks, and even craft more advanced weapons to combat If you’re really looking to wreak havoc, they can even crash TNT to blast the competition. Their Final Smash appears to strike the affected enemy in a room filled with creepers, before watching them suffer an untimely demise while eating meat outside. Stay Classy, ​​Minecraft Steve Get a more detailed look at Minecraft Steve’s Smash Ultimate motion set by clicking here

If you’d like to revisit the full reveal sequence, we’ve incorporated the Fighter reveal stream below so you can relive the excitement one more time Just prepare to skip the opening pre- diffusion!

To recap, it’s now confirmed that Minecraft Steve is the new character in Smash Ultimate DLC, and the second addition to Fighter Pass 2 Alternate skins include Alex, Zombie, and an Enderman! Are you happy with the new reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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World news – United States – Minecraft Steve is the next DLC character of Ultimate Smash


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