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The Philadelphia 76ers continued to be retooled again on Wednesday with draw day trading for captain Seth Curry of the Dallas Mavericks, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN.

Back in Dallas, it was Josh Richardson, who started on the underperforming Sixers in 2019-20, and the 36th pick in the 2020 NBA Draft, which turned Colorado striker Tyler Bay.

Dallas acquires Josh Richardson of Philadelphia and No.. 36 selections for Seth Curry, source says ESPN.

The Sixers were bold in trying to rewrite their roster after sweeping them in the first round of qualifiers last year.. Their big step so far has been to kick out the big guy Al Horford and pick Danny Green and Terence Ferguson out.

The trade carries a very personal element for Carrie, who will play under the supervision of his father-in-law, the new Sixers coach Doc Rivers.. Carey is married to Rivers’ daughter, Kali.

Only a few months left of facing each other in the NBA Qualifiers, when Rivers was coaching the Los Angeles Clippers against Carrie Mavericks.

Green and Curry both represent shooting threats from the ocean, which the Sixers had sorely lacked last season.

Curry is the current leader among all active NBA players at a 3-point ratio in their careers at 44. 3 percent, even ahead of his brother Stephen Curry (43. 5 percent). Greene suffered badly in his only season with the Los Angeles Lakers, but he’s only one year left from shooting 45. 5 percent for Toronto Raptors.

For this kind of shooting, the Sixers were willing to ditch Horford and Richardson, who had only spent a year in Philadelphia. Both are strong defensive players who did not fit very well alongside Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Richardson will now play alongside Mavs superstar Luka Dunsic, and should help balance a team that had the best attacking competence in NBA history last year but struggled at the other end of the field..

The Rockets’ asking price for James Harden’s deal has been revealed, and it’s a steep one.

If you’re looking to be optimistic about the seriousness of Clay Thompson injuring her lower leg, you’ve come to the wrong place.

It’s up to the NFL about how hard the streak it wants to take with Antonio Brown’s recent accident.

A coach rarely fires an assistant coach in the middle of a season. When that happens, legal questions always follow. The New York Giants will have to find some of these answers after coach Joe Judge abruptly ended offensive line coach Mark Columbo on Wednesday.. While initial media reports indicated that the shooting came [. . . ]

No. 19 was generally chosen to the Detroit Pistons, who took Bae’s friend from Villanova.

Here’s the latest pick arrangement for the first and second rounds of the NBA Draft 2020. This list will be updated as trades are made.

Now that some picks have changed and the Celtics’ future for Gordon Hayward looks murky at best, we’re unveiling the latest draft of the NBA Mock – with a focus on Boston’s picks in the first round of three.

This is a slap in the way for Bucks, who saw Bogdanovic superbly fit in the starting five.

The Boston Celtics chose Payton Pritchard by number. 26 overall choices in the NBA Draft 2020. Here’s what to know about the Oregon product.

After Dayton’s Obi Tobin was selected for the eighth overall selection, the Knicks then relegated to Emmanuel Quickley, who won the No. Choose 25 in the NBA Draft 2020.

Team Hornets picked the LaMelo ball by number. 3 Comprehensive Choice in the NBA Draft 2020 Wednesday Night

Clay Thompson missed the entire last season while recovering from a rupture in the AFC Champions League he suffered during the 2019 NBA Finals.

The Lakers traded a number. 28 projects including Danny Green are selected to Thunder by Dennis Schroeder. What’s Next?

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World News – US – NBA Draft: The Mavericks replaces Seth Curry with Josh Richardson from Sixers , No. 36 selections
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