World News – US – PBS ‘Yamiche Alcindor: Trump now’ has to face the fact that as president – he could not protect himself from this virus’


PBS White House correspondent Yamiche Alcindor appeared on MSNBC early Friday to respond to staggering news of President Donald Trump testing positive for coronavirus, saying it « really upsets » his own understating rhetoric the virus

Alcindor said we are currently in « uncharted territory » and took note of the President’s recent rhetoric on the ongoing pandemic:

« The president, of course, said there would be a miracle that wiped out this virus He tried to put the virus and this pandemic in the rearview mirror, claiming that the United States is essentially getting by. now he himself has to face the fact that as President of the United States he could not protect himself from this virus This is a remarkable statement The President said he will keep Americans safe and at this point he has not been able to protect himself which shows how this virus really infects and affects Americans across socioeconomic lines, genders and races »

She noted that the president is « the most protected American in the country » and the fact that he has the coronavirus « really upsets the president’s argument that this virus may be something that can go wrong. -be disappear and not be removed too seriously « 

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Donald Trump, President of the United States, Yamiche Alcindor

News from the world – United States – Yamiche Alcindor of PBS: Trump now has to face the fact that as a president… He could not protect himself against this virus ”


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