World News – US Platypus Cup and Other Ways to Rename Rivalry « Civil War »


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At a divisive moment the two schools came together to announce that the name « Civil War » would no longer be used for advertising competitions between the ducks and beavers.

Former duck legend Dennis Dixon said a phone call from his friend Teresa Tran raised the need to change the rivalry name.

As a player, he took us to a national championship race. Now he’s a leading voice in making change on today’s announcement. Here is Dennis Dixon as the conversation took shape: image. Twitter. com / 5eq6T7FErm

Since I was considered one of the most influential in the state, I wanted to show it off to some of my good friends who I played with at the University of Oregon, Garrett Strong and Jonathan Stewart. I just really wanted to get her advice. They were both sold on it. But one thing they both told me was that we need to get the current players as well as the ADs and Vice Presidents to buy-in for this to materialize. I am delighted that two universities are coming together to drive change, an eternal change. I am happy to be part of this change. Thank you to everyone who has put their time and effort into this cause. Forever grateful. And as always, Go Ducks! « – Dennis Dixon

Many believe that there is one creature that is the obvious choice and that makes the perfect nod to both teams: the platypus. Calling the rivalry « The Platypus Cup » or « Platypus Bowl » has been going on ever since.

The Platypus Trophy has long been given to the winner of the annual duck and beaver game, and one trophy just isn’t enough. The fans need the event to make full platypuses too.

Let’s face it: * looks around, lowers voice * Platypus Cup is objectively a better name than the Civil War for Oregon-OSU.

I will only accept the Platypus Cup as the new name for the rivalry game between OSU and UO @BeaverFootball @oregonfootball

Here are a few other suggestions posted on Twitter, including one from former Ducks linebacker Troy Dye.

While fan opinions may seem lukewarm to the Oregon-Oregon state, which has dropped the nickname « Civil War, » there are plenty of suggestions beyond the obvious platypus theme: image. Twitter. com / J4RkQgTNgY

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World News – US – Platypus Cup and other ways to rename the « Civil War » rivalry
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and Oregon State have discontinued use of the rivalry name « Civil War ». « > regon and Oregon State have discontinued the use of the rivalry name Civil War.


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