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During last week’s presidential debate, President Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists and far-right groups like the Proud Boys, an organization known to incite violence

President’s comment telling the Proud Boys to « stand back and be ready » gave the group a boost on social media, encouraging its members to use Trump’s words as a rallying cry Two days later, amid mounting outrage, Trump denounced the group

But actor and activist George Takei has suggested a smart comeback – a way to drown out social media hate and replace it with something, well, gay

« What if gays took pictures of themselves kissing or doing very gay things then tag themselves with #ProudBoys I bet it would spoil them really badly #ReclaimingMyShine, » tweeted Takei, who is gay, Thursday

The call to action went viral over the weekend, with thousands embracing the hashtag and posting images and messages of love and support, all with the intention of taking relaying a nickname linked to hate

Noah Reed, a 30-year-old content creator in New York City, posted photos with her fiancé, Derek Ivie, a 35-year-old librarian For Reed, the tweet symbolized more than jumping on a trend

“Besides voting, I think many of us are trying to do everything in our power to really change things or, not necessarily, silence, but push back neo-Nazis and far-right groups that spread hatred, ”Reed said in an interview with the Washington Post on Sunday

“#ProudBoys, we will never stand back! Together for 25 years with 2 wonderful children ”, tweeted another man

Famous gay figures have also joined us, including TV personality Andy Cohen and Bobby Berk from « Queer Eye » Actor Matt Bomer used the hashtag to promote « The Boys in the Band, » a film adaptation of the play about a group of gay men reunited at a birthday party that recently premiered on Netflix

The Canadian Forces Twitter account in the United States posted an image showing a soldier in uniform embracing his partner Early Monday, the tweet had over 200,000 likes

#ProudBoys Festival in Houston TX at PECS and BULGES Bar & Grill Meet your #ProudBoys colleagues there picTwittercom / GgwvwoBdMZ

Allies of the LGBTQ community also participated by retweeting and posting pictures of family members or gay couples they admire

A woman tweeted an image of Pete Buttigieg, a former Democratic presidential candidate and former mayor of South Bend, Ind, and her husband, Chasten, with the caption: « I know two amazing #ProudBoys who made our PROUD nation!  »

Another woman posted a photo of her brother and husband, who tied the knot this summer, and a mom tweeted a picture of her transgender son

« My son, who is a very intelligent, talented and courageous trans FtM teenager He gives me hope that his generation can and will resist hate and make the world a better place for all human beings #ProudBoys », she wrote

« It fills my heart when I see that not only LGBTQ people are doing it, but also so many other people are supporting it, » said Reed « It’s good when there is solidarity and positivity « 

This is not the first time that the Proud Boys have been targeted on Twitter As a rally in the District approaches in 2018, the platform suspended more than a dozen accounts linked to the group, including the account owned by co-founder Gavin McInnes, also co-founder of Vice magazine (McInnes later distanced himself from the Proud Boys)

The Proud Boys did not respond kindly to the takeover of the hashtag On Talk, a conservative social media app, followers of the Proud Boys group expressed outrage, with many commenting on screenshots of the tweets with homophobic slurs, according to Forbes One member created a meme of Takei making a white supremacist gesture and another responded using Nazi terms as « final solution »

Bandwagon campaigns such as the #ProudBoys buyout aren’t always successful, said Reed He highlighted the #BlackoutTuesday campaign, where people posted black squares on Instagram It’s an effort that can -being caused more harm than good, he said, with some claiming the blank squares marked with #blacklivesmatter were drowning out vital voices and information about the protests

« With this one the worst you can do is the group can be drowned, so I feel like it’s a win, » said Reed

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World News – United States – The Proud Boys were encouraged by Trump’s words Then the gay couples got the group hashtag


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