World News – US – Record number of new cases, more protests, Department of Health office shooting, employee homes targeted


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SALT LAKE CITY – The Friday before the official start of the holiday season brought grim, record breaking news about COVID-19 cases in the state

Utah broke another daily record with 2,292 new positive cases.This number is 332 more than the previous record of 1960 just a week ago in October 23

And Friday’s figures also set a new positive rate record with a seven-day average of 182%

Three other deaths have also been reported, including a man from Salt Lake County aged 25 to 44; a man from Tooele County aged 44 to 65; and a Davis County woman aged 65 to 84 The men were hospitalized at the time of their death The woman was living in a long-term care facility

« While it is true that Utah’s COVID-19 death rate is significantly lower than the national rate, we must not be numb to what these numbers mean for our communities – for those infected, for all who love them, « said the government Gary Herbert in an email statement « Assuming a 5% hospitalization rate and a 5% 0 death rate, we would see 115 hospitalizations and 11 deaths, just of the nearly 2,300 cases we are reporting today. will put increasing pressure on our already overworked healthcare professionals and leave more families with empty chairs at their tables And that doesn’t mean anything about the long-term effects that many other Utahns will experience, even when they recover. We cannot be too careful in our efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19 « 

It also appears that despite almost daily appeals from elected leaders, Utahns opposed to masks are ignoring the advice – or recent mandates – to wear them in public

Anti-mask protesters targeted state epidemiologist Dr Angela Dunn in two separate protests outside her Salt Lake home on Thursday, but she was not the only one A group of around 25 protesters gathered was standing outside the Springville home of Dr Joseph Miners, director of the Utah Department of Health, Thursday night The miners, however, took a leave of absence in March, and currently Rich Saunders is the interim director

Britney Liberty staged the protest outside Miner’s house on Thursday night, and unlike those who staged the protest against Dunn’s house, she didn’t post Miner’s address on Facebook She shared a meme using a photo of Miner with Gov Gary Herbert, but asked those interested to message him for location and details

She shared a video on YouTube on Friday, saying she had contacted a number of media outlets, but none of them were interested in covering it In the video, she said the neighbors were not happy with them, but the police had not been summoned as they were in the Dunn’s Avenues neighborhood

Unified Police are also investigating vandalism at Utah Department of Health offices in Millcreek Someone shot at windows, smashing several and leaving holes in others, with which appears to be a pellet gun at the center of Highland County, 3760 S Highland Drive, according to spokesperson Charla Haley

« We can confirm that a glass door was shot by a pellet gun, » Haley said in a statement « No one entered the building Nothing was taken and no one was injured There was no further vandalism The relationship, if any, between this incident and the recent protests at the homes of officials of public health is unclear « 

Health officials reported on Friday that there were 318 people hospitalized with COVID-19 in Utah as hospital officials continued to beg residents to try to mitigate the spread of COVID -19 by changing the way they celebrate the holidays ahead

« You each have a choice to make as well, » Dr Mark Shah, of Intermountain Healthcare, said Thursday, « to unite around this mission We can continue to argue and disagree about a lot of things – politics and sports, (the) upcoming elections We can’t keep arguing over the masking We can’t keep asking if this pandemic is real or made up And we can’t keep arguing that health care will work very well whatever the demand This is not true « 

The University of Phoenix released a new poll on Friday showing nurses grapple with fatigue and frustration as pandemic enters month 9

Among these results, nurses reported feeling exhausted (65%), fearful (49%), underestimated (36%), depressed (30%), consumable (24%) and underused (8 %) About a third said the number of working hours increased, mainly due to an increase in the number of patients with COVID-19

« Let us unite around this common mission, » Shah said « Let’s do what we can Yes it’s uncomfortable Yes it’s weird Yes our Halloween activities this weekend will need to be changed But they can still be enjoyable Children are resilient We are resilient « 

This is what Shelly McDonald Taylor is hoping for as she and her family try to celebrate Halloween in new ways She and her sons plan to dress up and go out into the wild on UTVs and communicate on talkies -walkies

Another mom said that several of her friends were planning scavenger hunts with their own families, and she pointed out that there were a number of kits for sale online

Officials like Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, have warned families about the risks of ignoring public health warnings, especially when it comes to reuniting for the holidays, saying the consequences could be dire The CDC has also warned against family gatherings, especially those that bring relatives from various cities or states and do not include masks and social distancing

« You may have to bite the bullet and sacrifice this social gathering, » Fauci said of Thanksgiving gatherings this year as new daily cases continue to rise in the U.S There are over 70,000 new cases every day in the United States and nearly 1,000 deaths a day In 30 states, including Utah, cases or positive rates are on the rise

Prison officials were trying to determine the scope of a second outbreak at the Draper site on Friday where several inmates contracted the virus from a medical provider in September, the Utah Corrections Department said

The agency canceled a scheduled COVID-19 briefing with the media to combat the spread

« We ask for your patience as we begin the containment processes, which include the isolation of confirmed individuals, contact tracing and mass testing, » the Utah Corrections Department said in a statement. Facebook message

A total of 306 inmates in Draper tested positive for the virus on Tuesday, when the prison last updated figures on its website Just under 60 inmates were found to have recovered and more than 2,000 have tested negative, according to the prison In total, about 4,500 inmates, men and women, are held there

The prison’s Gunnison website has only confirmed one case, and that inmate has recovered, according to the department

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Global news – United States – Record number of new cases, more protests, shooting at Department of Health office, home of targeted employees


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