World News – US – Red Velvet’s Irene apologizes after charges over her behavior


On October 22, an Instagram post was posted by an editor and stylist about an unnamed celebrity The post describes a meeting with them during which she was brought to tears by the celebrity’s harsh words and felt humiliated The post contained the hashtags « #psycho » and « #monster »

This led to speculation on the topic of the article, with many people pointing out that these hashtags are titles of songs by Red Velvet and the Irene and Seulgi subunit. Many began to suspect Irene when the editor deleted a complimentary post she wrote about Irene in 2016

This is Irene I am sincerely sorry that I hurt the stylist with my foolish demeanor and reckless words and actions Getting to this place required the help of many people who have worked with me, but my immature actions caused some big wounds and I regret it and I think about it I looked back into the past because of this, and felt very embarrassed about my lack of words and actions and once again I feel how precious staff are. I will be more careful about my actions in the future so that this does not happen again I am sincerely sorry for the fans who support me and for all those who have been concerned because of this

아이린 입니다 저의 어리석은 태도 와 경솔한 언행 으로 스타일 리스트 분께 마음 의 상처 를 드려 진심 으로 죄송 합니다 제가 이 자리 에 있기 까지 함께 노력 해주신 많은 분들 의 도움 이 있었는데 성숙 하지 못한 행동 으로 큰 상처 를 드린 점 점 하고 반성 하고 있습니다 이번 일 을 통해 지난 시간 을 되돌아 보니 저의 부족한 언행 이 많이 부끄러 웠고 스태프 분들 의 소중함 을 다시 한번 느끼게 되었습니다 앞으로는 이런 일 이 없도록 더욱 신중히 생각 하고 행동 하겠습니다 부족한 저 를 응원 해 주시는 여러분 여러분 일로 인해 심려 를 끼쳐 드린 모든 분들께 진심 으로 죄송 합니다

Irene personally met the stylist this afternoon and sincerely apologized for hurting her deeply with her carefree demeanor and emotional words and actions, and she is sorry to worry about her immaturity

Our agency feels responsible for this incident and we do not forget the hard work of all the representatives and employees who work with our company and our artists We will work hard to ensure that this does not happen again for the people with whom we let’s work

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World News – US – Red Velvet’s Irene apologizes after being accused of her behavior


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