World news – US – Report: John Ross is out for several weeks with a foot injury


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It’s been tough for John Ross’ career at the Cincinnati Bengals – especially this season. The previous first round asked Washington for a trade deal and summoned the team publicly on Twitter. Now, more bad news has come to the receiver.

Ross injured his foot during training this week and will miss several matches, according to NFL’s Mike Jaravolo.. The Bengalis talked to Ross about the prospect of training in the back corner, but he hit his foot as he walked down the road before that happened. The 25-year-old played 55 shots in their season-opening loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, but has only played 29 shots since then.. He has appeared in only 27 matches (20 matches) since he was no. 9 a general selection in the 2017 NFL Draft. Ross has 733 yards for receiving and 10 landings

“That’s cool because it’s one of the fastest in the league,” Jeremy Fowler of ESPN said at SportsCenter on Halloween, four days before the NFL trade deadline as Ross was ultimately not transferred. “Nobody really wants it now. The market has dried up. Obviously, he wants to be traded. He made that known. I’ve spoken to some executives who say the money is $ 2. 8 million salary this year. You have to pay a portion of it, and the production simply just wasn’t there. The guy has two catches a year. It is not certain that he can help the opposing team.

One day before the Fowler Report, Ross had broadcast the team publicly. After a local reporter tweeted that he heard through a source that employees aren’t even sure he loves football, among other things.. Listed as suspected of illness in Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans. Ross set the record straight at an end.

“It’s no secret that I asked for a deal,” Ross tweeted. « Talk to me if this is how you feel. ». I am healthy and eager to play. I know I can be productive. It’s hard to love something when you aren’t actually involved in it. Believe me, it’s not football that I don’t like.

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World News – United States – Report: John Ross out for several weeks due to a foot injury


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