WORLD NEWS – US – Rich Swan retains the title and beats Sammy Kalehan in the turning point main event


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Rich Swan and Sami Calehan met at tonight’s pay-per-view main event at Turning Point, as Swan was looking to retain his place in the IMPACT World Championships. In an impressive match between the two superstars, Swan was able to defend his title, defeating the incredibly resilient Kalehan to remain champion..

The match, which saw the two stars finally clash after falling out for some time, was a brutal match, with Swan and Kalehan both knocking out from the start. Late in the match, it looked as though Kalehan had the upper hand, throwing a bad driver at Swan, but the champion wouldn’t be pinned no matter what happened.. Towards the end of the match, both stars returned to the ring after brawling outside, and chaos erupted. Ken Shamrock came down to ringside, but was stopped by Eddie Edwards, who also came running to stop Shamrock.. Within the ring, Swann was able to end things by landing several superhero kicks to Callihan, which were ultimately enough to knock out Callihan and give Swann a title defense he deservedly earned..

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World News – US – Rich Swann retains the title Sami Kalehan won the main event, turning point
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