World News – US – Riot Games Brings Revolutionary XR Technology to LoL World Championship in Shanghai


By Jason Dachman, Editor-in-Chief Friday, October 30, 2020 – 2:53 p.m.
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The most surreal League of Legends esports season in the game’s 10-year history comes to a close this Saturday when Damwon Gaming faces Suning in the 2020 League of Legends World Championship Final though the majority of the season was relegated to online competition due to the pandemic, LoL Worlds 2020 took place in person in Shanghai and has been broadcast live over the past few weeks, delivering cutting-edge ‘extended reality’. (XR) technology created by Riot Games, POSSIBLE and Lux ​​Machina that merges the physical and virtual worlds

« [XR] allows us to do this in a way that creates this dynamic and interesting environment and produces something unlike any other live event, » said Nick Troop, executive producer, Worlds 2020 “When we’ve hosted events in stadiums and arenas around the world, there’s that moment of being there When people walk into the building they know they’re at the Worlds We wanted to create the exact same feeling this year, but in a different way « 

After releasing the Lol’s Elder Dragon character virtually via AR inside Beijing’s Bird’s Nest Stadium in 2017, 2018, and 2019, Riot has upped the stakes for his use of mixed reality every year. continued with the 2020 Worlds this month with the XR scene in Shanghai, which Riot calls the most elaborate mixed reality scene in the world

The studio has LED screens surrounding the two competing teams and uses AR to create a virtual world around the stage

The studio has a myriad of LED screens surrounding the two competing teams and uses augmented reality to create a 360 degree virtual world for live competitions The production relies on an ultra-advanced network environment and a hardware system developed by Lux Machina that renders images in real time at 32K and 60 fps resolution The 2020 League of Legends World Esports Championship is the very first live multicamera production using this technology

Deploying over 40 technicians and artists, Riot Games has assembled one of the world’s largest XR teams.The shows are co-produced and directed by POSSIBLE Productions, who have used AR and XR to help bring MTV VMAs to life, to the Super Bowl halftime shows and the 2018 and 2019 LoL World Championships

A side-by-side look at the stage with (right) and without (left) the AR-powered virtual world surrounding it

The in-stage displays are rendered at an impressive 32K resolution, and all primary cameras are tracked so that data is mapped to the on-stage LED displays In addition to LEDs, Riot and POSSIBLE use AR to create a 360 environment extended around the stage

“We are staggering it with augmented reality to make it look like the set goes on forever,” said Michael Figge, co-founder / creative director, POSSIBLE “So sometimes you will see a cameraman direct the camera towards the ground or direct it towards the place where our technical facade is located And that’s because there’s actually a 360 ° world built around the stage where, in whatever direction you point your camera, there’s something to film « 

All main cameras are tracked so that data is mapped to the LED displays on stage

The Riot Games production team has access to two projected camera perspectives at all times, allowing them to cut between multiple shots in the virtual environment just as they would in a live show

“What that means for the audience back home is that it’s the same kind of show that they’ve always been able to enjoy,” Troop said, “just made in a new medium exciting and in a way that truly brings Worlds to life « 

In addition, the XR environment allows the production team to integrate elements of the show in new ways

The Riot Games production team has access to two projected camera perspectives at all times

“Thinking about how to deploy the XR environment in the context of our show,” he added, “it became clear that we could incorporate elements of what is going on in the competition. ‘a way that has historically been a little less successful reruns and stuff keep audiences in the game when something interesting can happen in the environment and both things happen at the same time « 

Every year, Worlds travels to a new location and embraces the gaming culture in that destination.However, given the highly unusual circumstances of this year’s edition, Riot has chosen to highlight the global reach of LoL and use the XR environment to present a variety of locations

“What’s really interesting about Worlds is that it’s known as a touring competition,” Figge said. “The mixed reality and XR scene allows us to provide these venues. We wanted to give a fundamental basis so that players can actually feel the changes as we travel through different cities Then we also extend that experience to an audience to see that we can do things that wouldn’t even be possible [in a real environment] « 

Tomorrow, the 2020 Worlds final will be held at the Shanghai Pudong Soccer Stadium with a socially distant crowd of 6,000 inside the venue and millions more watching online, making it the biggest event in the world. in-person esports since the start of the pandemic With an average of over 1 million concurrent viewers on average heading into the finals, Riot expects viewership to break 2019’s record 218 million ‘Average Minute Audience (AMA) and 44 million concurrent viewers The action kicks off with the opening ceremony at 5 a.m. ET on Oct. 31 on LoLEsportscom, Twitch and YouTube

“With the 2020 Worlds it’s a decade of competitive League of Legends,” said Troop “It’s an incredible legacy that we have to honor We are extremely fortunate to have a passionate fan base that has enough trust us to be good stewards of the sport »

Stay tuned to SVG to learn about Riot Games’ production workflows for the LoL Worlds 2020 final broadcast after this weekend’s event

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World News – USA – Riot Games brings revolutionary XR technology to the World Championship LoL world in Shanghai


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