World News – US – Scott Baio, Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson talk about Trump and Hollywood in new doc trailer: ‘They just don’t like man’


President Trump doesn’t have a lot of fan clubs in Hollywood Jennifer Lopez, Robert De Niro, John Legend, Miley Cyrus and countless others have explained why they don’t support him

Some of the celebrities who actively support Trump, including Kristy Swanson, Dean Cain, Scott Baio and Isaiah Washington, spoke to the director of a new documentary shot during the pandemic and amid protests sparked by George’s murder by the police Floyd, Trump vs. Hollywood, to talk about how it feels The Project is the work of famous interviewer and Trump supporter Daphne Barak, who was a Trump delegate to the Republican National Convention in 2016 and 2020 « I’ve known him since my early twenties, when I came from Israel and became an interviewer in New York, working for Fox, New York Daily News and then the New York Post, » Barak told Yahoo Entertainment in an email « We trust and respect each other »

“Trump’s inauguration did not have the Hollywood A-listers that decorated Obama or [Clinton’s],” says Barak, who once supported Hillary Clinton “For me, moving between those two worlds, it was clear that Washington, DC and Hollywood were no longer mingling they were at war « 

In the first trailer for the documentary, which was released on Tuesday, former Lois and Clark actor Cain gave his take: “There is no compassion. They are so hypocritical, it’s unreal They just don’t like the man « 

« I have a feeling it’s time to lead by example, do we all hear it, you know? » she said « We can learn from each other We don’t have to hate each other »

When it was the turn of the Charles star in charge of Baio, he was much less conciliatory: “If you don’t hire me because I’m conservative, shame on you If there is a civil war, no ‘don’t forget who has all the weapons « 

He also lamented: « It bothers me that people don’t talk to me, because I’m a Trump guy »

Washington has offered a theory on why the entertainment industry opposes Trump, who starred in The Apprentice reality contest for over a decade “So what I’ve seen with the media, which is known to have nasty, dirty, low-life Hollyweird behavior attacking this man because he’s the president, I’m starting to put him back: Ah, he knows their secrets I’d be a little nervous too, « said former Grey’s Anatomy actor

Between the interview clippings, the trailer shows the words: « When they take your voice away, when they take your job away, it’s time to talk! »

In all, Barak interviewed 24 celebrities, including Kid Rock and Kevin Sorbo, about their views Although not all of the people she spoke to were pro-Trump Eric Roberts, who once voted for the Trump’s Democratic opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, is there too to say: « It’s urgent We have a madman in the White House »

« Because we are all Americans! » Because we are so lucky to be members of the greatest democracy in the world, « she said, noting that she has interviewed dictators » I appreciate the freedom of speech we have and the great melting pot that America is We should celebrate it everyday! She says her work is « not a superficial documentary like, ‘I love Trump’ or ‘I hate Trump' » It touches on a lot of the topics that we face these days: racism, socialism, point crucial where we are, how the world sees America « 

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson breaks Instagram records after endorsing Biden-Harris for president: ‘Always tell your truth’

Ottawa health officials do not know the source, or still lack crucial information, for more than a third of all COVID-19 infections in the nation’s capital – and some experts say it Ottawa Public Health (OPH) categorizes the source of COVID-19 infections under five tags: outbreak, close contact, travel, no known source and no information available According to latest figures reported on Tuesday, unknown sources of infections and cases for which no information is available accounted for more than 36% of the 5,546 cases in Ottawa since the start of the pandemic“This number for me was worrying,” said Patrick Saunders-Hastings, risk epidemiologist and head of life sciences and environmental health at Gevity Consulting. »[This] suggests that there is a weakness or gap in our ability to contact tracing and testing »What do » unknown « and » no information available « mean? Here is how OPH defines the two categories: * No known source means that the person with a positive case was asked about risk factors and exposures, but « no source of exposure could be identified » * No information available means people who test positive « have not yet been asked about risk factors and exposures » and have not been identified as close contact with another person with COVID-19  » No particular source known is one where there is no epidemiological link, « Saunders-Hastings explained. The category of non-information in particular is » a bit of a black box, « he said, because these cases have not been traced or followedIn early October, the city’s medical officer of health, Dr Vera Etches called Ottawa’s contact tracing system « almost broken » due to current demand Last week, OPH said it would focus the search for contacts on high-risk spreaders> Unless we control these sources, we are not going to have an idea of ​​the COVID situation – Dr Smita Pakhalé, associate professor of epidemiology at the U of O “This is a stressful time for these people, who often feel bad, and it can be a difficult and time-consuming process, ”wrote a spokesperson for SPO.Why are these categories important? As of Tuesday, SPO was reporting 796 cases of unknown origin and 1,280 cases with no information available »The higher that number, the more reason to be concerned, » Saunders-Hastings saidIn an ideal world, health officials would know the source of the infection for each case – but that’s not realistically possible, he said.Not knowing the sources of infections could ‘decrease’ public health’s ability to respond to COVID-19, Saunders-Hastings said. « They don’t help us target areas of transmission, » he said « These are missed opportunities to refine and adapt our response strategies » Saunders-Hastings added that the city « may no longer be able to keep up with the outbreak », which could lead to further restrictions « We are currently aware of more cases , or possible cases, which we cannot deal with « Lack of knowledge » very dangerous « Not knowing the sources of the infection is » very dangerous « for community transmission, said Dr Smita Pakhalé, pulmonologist at the Ottawa Hospital and Associate Professor of Epidemiology at the University of Ottawa> People still have to do their part and limit their number of contacts – Dr Theresa Tam, Chief Public Health Officer of Canada « If we don’t don’t know this information, then all of these people [with COVID-19] might not self-isolate and [there] might be potential for spread to others, « Pakhalé said » If we don’t control these sources , we N are not going to get an idea of ​​the COVID situation « WATCH | U of O prof says Ottawa’s marginalized people are disproportionately affected: Pakhalé also suggested that there was a chance that marginalized people could make up a large part of the category with no information available. « Many people who live on the fringes of society – people who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, or racialized minorities – have been disproportionately affected, « Mr. PakhaleWATCH | Dr Theresa Tam on one-third of sources unknown in Ottawa: Vulnerable people in the city often do not have phones, stable housing or equal access to information via the Internet, said Pakhalé, who also runs the clinic Research Center at the Bridge Engagement Center, which works with Ottawa marginalized communities « We don’t have any information about them, and maybe a lot of them [are] represented in that [category no information available], » she said. « And that’s a very unfortunate reality of our unequal society today «  » It is concerning because, as we have heard, the capacity of the public health system is not unlimited, « said the chief administrator of the Public Health of Canada, Dr Theresa Tam at a press conference on Tuesday, in response to a question about the sources of a third of the infections remaining unknown « So people still need to do their part and limit their number of contacts »

The leader of the BC Liberal Party has now publicly apologized for the sexist remarks made about NDP candidate Bowinn Ma, and while the offensive comments were not made by Andrew Wilkinson himself, Ma said she was disappointed with her handling of the situationA video was shared on social media on Saturday showing Liberal candidate Jane Thornthwaite saying Ma, 35, used her appearance to charm retired Liberal MP Ralph Sultan at a networking event Comments were made on Sep 17 during a virtual roast for Sultan In the video, Thornthwaite says Ma is « a very pretty woman and she knows she has ‘that’ and she knows how to get Ralph forward » Thornthwaite and Wilkinson have all got together two apologies online after video sparked outrage on social mediaWatch | Thornthwaite Says Ma ‘Knows How To Get Ralph Forward’: On Tuesday Wilkinson nailed a verbal apology at the end of a press appearance announcing his party’s campaign platform for the next Oct 24 Election During the apology, he said he was immediately embarrassed upon hearing the comments and wished he had found a way to step in and stop Thornthwaite without derailing the festivities for Sultan »A lot of us were more and more embarrassed, to the point of dismay, but it’s hard to stop the train at a social event when you don’t know what the next words will be, » Wilkinson said. hours before Wilkinson apologized at the press conference, Ma told CBC the Liberal leader had to speak up « I don’t need Andrew Wilkinson to apologize to me, or blame his lack leadership on her female team member either, « Ma said in The Early Edition « He’s the one who has to speak to British Columbians » « That a man who was vying for the post of premier of the province would testify to sexism and find it perfectly fine is the part that worries me and continues to worry me the most, « added MaJanni Aragon, professor of political science at the University of Victoria, said that not only Thornthwaite’s comments were sexist but also racial »Because Bowinn Ma is a racialized woman, we call it racialized sexism This devious or hypersexualized woman of color trope perseveres and is quite problematic, » Aragon said Aragon said she would have appreciated Wilkinson interrupting Thornthwaite or avoiding the conversation of attacking Ma « I would have really appreciated if the party leader had raised his hand and said, ‘Now back to Ralph,' » said Aragon « It wasn’t just a comment, there were repeated comments » The apology tour for the BC The Liberals continued Tuesday afternoon as Thornthwaite made his hurtful comments at a previously scheduled conference in front of the union students from Capilano »I wanted to repeat that I’m sorry, and there is no one more disappointed with my words than me, » she said, adding that what she said about Ma was stupid and insensitive.Thornthwaite also phoned Ma shortly after the video was leaked and Ma said she appreciated the Liberal candidate’s candidacy to meet herCBC News reached out to Ralph Sultan for a reaction and was told he was not available for comment. To listen to Bowinn Ma’s full interview on The Early Edition, tap here

Republican Sen John Kennedy says some of his fellow Democrats believe Amy Coney Barrett is lying about his impartiality and does not let his personal beliefs influence his decisions

The Fraser Health Authority has declared new outbreaks of COVID-19 in its area after staff at two long-term care homes tested positive for the virus It also declared the end of a previous outbreak in Surrey health authority said it deployed its rapid response team to PICS Assisted Living Facility in Surrey, BC, after a staff member fell ill In addition, he said another staff member at Chartwell Carrington House Retirement Residence in Mission, BC, also tested positive for COVID-19 In both cases, health officials said they were reaching out to families of loved ones living in the homesThe two care workers are self-isolating at home and each facility is working to determine if other residents or staff have been exposed to the virus, Fraser Health said.He also said improved control measures had been put in place at each site, including restricting visitors and screening staff and residents for symptoms of COVID-19 twice a day.In the same statement, Fraser Health said there were no more cases of COVID-19 at the Evergreen Hamlets long-term care facility in Surrey, and the outbreak was declared over.For more information on COVID-19 in the Fraser Health Region, click here

A former Idaho gubernatorial candidate was charged Tuesday with the murder of Jonelle Matthews, a 12-year-old Colorado girl whose disappearance after a holiday concert in 1984 was a mystery for decades Jonelle died from a single gunshot wound to the forehead, said Weld County District Attorney Michael Rourke Jonelle’s family searched unsuccessfully for years as her photo was printed on milk cartons during a nationwide missing children campaign in the 1980s

Ahead of a comeback, President Donald Trump and his Republican allies are stepping up their focus not on Democratic candidate Joe Biden, but on his running mate, Sen Kamala Harris – claiming without proof it’s Harris, the first black woman to have been signed up to a major party, who would really be in charge if Democrats won the White House The effort is mixed with sexist and racist undertones, and aims to win back Republicans and independents who are comfortable with Biden’s more moderate record, but may associate Harris with the Democratic left flank, despite his own more centrist stances on some major issues Over the past week, Trump told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that Harris will assume the presidency within « three months » of Biden’s inauguration.

Alberta removes cap on cannabis stores across the province to allow businesses to gain more market share At the end of September, the provincial government amended the regulations on gambling, alcohol and cannabis to remove a restriction that previously prevented an individual or group from controlling more than 15% of cannabis licenses issued in AlbertaThe Government of Alberta introduced the 15% cap before cannabis legalization in October 2018 Heather Holmen, spokesperson for Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis, said on Friday this was done to allow small players to  » enter the marketCurrently the cannabis retailers with the largest market share are Spiritleaf, Fire & Flower and Nova Cannabis Each represents more than 5% of the 527 cannabis suppliers found in Alberta, according to the AGLCH’s online database, Colmen said that before legalization, the government had committed to revisiting the 15% cap within five years after its introduction, once the market is established“Removing the ownership cap is part of the government’s red tape reduction strategy to create new opportunities for businesses in Alberta and remove unnecessary regulatory barriers,” she said via email.“Removing the ownership cap helps cannabis retailers promote a healthy retail business that can compete with the illicit market on price, which helps protect Albertans.” More communication is needed, said retailer Kyle Murphy, president of Firestone Cannabis, said the change could present opportunities for retailers of all sizesFirestone holds licenses for four stores in Alberta, including one in central Edmonton, and is a member of the Alberta Cannabis Council Murphy said he believes the province has done a good job so far in making the cannabis available in Alberta since legalizationBut he said he was surprised to learn the change was happening without seemingly consultation Murphy said this could shake the confidence of an industry that is building from the ground up and that he would like to see better continuity and communication between government and cannabis companies. »We all build our businesses on the basis of the rules of the game, » he said. « To make this change literally overnight, it’s not just about myself, but everyone in the industry, big and small. »In an email on Monday, Holmen said the provincial government said it would reassess the cap upon legalization, but did not mention a consultation process.Hunter McColl, one of the owners of Armstrong Block Cannabis in downtown Edmonton, said he didn’t think the change would affect his business too muchThe store, owned by McColl and his brothers, just opened in May after starting the process in 2018, and while department stores with more money to spend could purchase locations in smaller independent stores, McColl has said he would only worry about the impact of their business if it suddenly became easier to acquire a license from the province to sell cannabis“Unless the AGLC makes the application process a lot easier, takes less time,” said McColl “It’s quite a process, from start to finish, to get a license, a location put in up and ready for business « ‘The change will not affect the number of licenses issued, according to Holmen

FREDERICTON – New Brunswick reported six new cases of COVID-19 on Tuesday, including one at a special care home in Campbellton, near the Quebec border
Dr Jennifer Russell, chief medical officer of health, said despite only one case reported to the 45-bed Wisdom Manor, authorities declare an « epidemic »
« Because it is a vulnerable population, we must declare an epidemic based on the public health risk assessment, » she told reporters, adding that residents of this house were in shared rooms
She said health authorities were carrying out « mass testing » on residents and staff, which she said will be tested every other day. « We will continue to do these tests and as cases are identified their close contacts will be contacted and isolated. »
The outbreak comes as public health officials continue to work to contain an outbreak at Notre-Dame Manor special care home in Moncton, which is linked to at least 19 cases of COVID-19
Five of the cases announced Tuesday are in Campbellton Health Region and involve two people in their 60s, one in their 50s, one in their 30s and one under the age of 19, Russell said.
The sixth case reported Tuesday is located in the Moncton area and involves a person in their 60s
Education Minister Dominic Cardy said a new case is linked to Dalhousie Regional High School, the fourth case identified at a New Brunswick school in the past six days

Province has 82 active cases, with five people in hospital, including one patient in intensive care
Health officials in other Atlantic provinces are monitoring developments in New Brunswick, which is part of the so-called Atlantic bubble, within which residents can travel without restrictions
Nova Scotia Premier Stephen McNeil told reporters on Tuesday he was awaiting a brief from Dr. Robert Strang, the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, later today « We’ll wait to see what the details are  »
New Health Minister Leo Glavine said he hopes Nova Scotia stays in the Atlantic bubble Province has four active cases of COVID-19
Prince Edward Island Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr Heather Morrison urged Islanders on Tuesday to avoid non-essential travel to areas of New Brunswick hard hit by COVID-19 Newfoundland and Labrador Labrador issued a statement on Sunday urging residents to do the same

There are nine active cases of COVID-19 reported in Newfoundland and Labrador and three in Prince Edward Island
This report from The Canadian Press was first published on October 13, 2020
– By Sarah Smellie in St John’s with files from Michael Tutton in Halifax

The canadian press

Note to readers: this is a corrected story An earlier version indicated that Health Minister Leo Glavine had said he hoped New Brunswick would stay in the Atlantic bubble

For businesses depending on Portugal’s most famous pilgrimage site, Tuesday was supposed to be the busiest day of the year – then the pandemic kicked in Every October 13, huge crowds converge on the Sanctuary of Fatima for to mark the anniversary of the date of 1917 when the third and last vision of the Virgin Mary took place authenticated by the Catholic Church « The shrine exists to welcome pilgrims but the greatest impact is on how we celebrate the faith and this is the greatest challenge that the pandemic has brought to the Church, ”she said

Ontarians who need social support during the COVID-19 pandemic may not know where to look for help for themselves or their neighbors, new study finds
Forty-two percent of 1,000 Ontarians surveyed early last month said they needed more help from social service providers during the pandemic
Adult mental health issues and financial stress were most frequently cited needs, according to results released today by the Ontario Association of Children’s Aid Societies
The organization commissioned the study from the Angus Reid group to get a clearer picture of the impact of the pandemic on Ontario families
The professional association of the survey industry, the Marketing Research and Intelligence Association, says online surveys cannot be given a margin of error because they do not randomly sample the population
Association spokesperson Sean McGrady said it was no surprise Ontarians need extra support during the pandemic, but noted « worrying » percentages of people who did not know how to access services
“Families do best when they have a strong support network and easy and equitable access to social services in their local community, but it is really essential that they know how to access them,” McGrady said during a telephone interview
More than half of survey respondents said that if their family needed extra help, they wouldn’t know where to look for it Sixty percent said they didn’t know how to help a family in their community access services
“It’s very worrying,” said McGrady “It certainly makes the outreach work all the more important this year”
Two-thirds of respondents who currently need home support did not know how to access services People in need were twice as likely to know at least one other family in need of support
Young adults, women, people with low incomes and people with children in their households were more likely to report at least one social need
Participants were asked about a range of common issues faced by families seeking help from children’s aid societies, such as underemployment, intimate partner violence and addictions.
“Families are facing greater challenges than ever before and we certainly wanted to understand that a little better,” said McGrady
He said a follow-up survey could be conducted next year to assess any progress in raising awareness of the supports available in communities.
Sylvia Lyons said that even with children’s aid workers, it was difficult to access mental health support services for her son, with long wait times for appointments during the years when he was involved in child welfare
Her 14-year-old suffers from anxiety and depressive disorder that keep her from going to school, Lyons said – concerns that have become widespread as children cope with the stress of the pandemic
« What he goes through normally is now normal for everyone, » she said.
The transition to online learning and distance services has been a good fit for Lyons’ son, who struggles to leave home He now feels more able to participate, with less anxiety, from home
Lyons’ own battle as a parent trying to access social services is now better understood by her peers, she said
Other parents have asked her for advice on helping their children who are having anxiety and fear about going to school this year and have asked her where she went to seek help for the first time
While there are still barriers to accessing social support, Lyons said it was encouraging to see more families openly discussing their experiences.
« I think the only way to improve it is to get more people to talk about it »
This report from The Canadian Press was first published on October 13, 2020

Holly McKenzie-Sutter, The Canadian Press

More than a year after the overthrow of Sudanese strongman Omar al-Bashir, amid the promise of new leadership, Sudanese director Hajooj Kuka was arrested during a theater workshop by the security forces who had served al-Bashir for years Although a higher court overturned the ruling and freed Kuka earlier this month, the case raised concerns about personal freedoms in Sudan The country has been ruled by a joint civil-military government for 14 months, after a popular uprising led to the military evacuation of al-Bashir in April 2019 and put the country on a fragile path to democracy

Grammy-nominated talented lyricist Rapsody wrote « maybe 15 verses this year to reflect the weather » – as she put it – on the black experience Recorded in quarantine during the pandemic, Rapsody is came up with the moving rap track « Pray Momma Don’t Cry » Creating the lyrics after receiving the beat from veteran producer and frequent collaborator of 9th Wonder, Rapsody thought of « Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Sandra Bland , Trayvon Martin « 

It took fierce determination from four fire departments to save a dog that fell over a cliff in Glace Bay, NS on Sunday The Mastiff named Roxy, who weighs around 65 pounds, fell from the cliff and out into the ocean while its owners picked berries at the end of Sheas Lane in the communityThe cliffs in the area are dangerous and at least two people have died after falling on the embankment in recent years, according to John Chant, fire chief of the Glace Bay Volunteer Fire Department.Firefighters from the Glace Bay, Dominion, Albert Bridge, and New Victoria Fire Departments were called to the scene at around 5:30 p.m. It appears the dog fell about 15 meters into the water, then hoisted itself onto a small outcrop of land about two meters above the waves, Chant said. « This is someone’s family member. We will do whatever we have to do to keep families together and make this save, » said said Chant Much easier said than done in this case, as it took a while for the dog to cooperate with his future rescuers The firefighters first launched two boats and attempted to get the dog to jump, but the scared and confused animal refused to leave its perch“Our second plan of action was that the high-altitude rescue teams were to rappelling down from above and see if they could pick up the dog and either deliver it to the boat or bring it to the top of the shore,” he said. But while setting up the ropes, the crew still in the boat decided to try a different tactic – a lifeguard would swim towards the dog A firefighter was fitted with an ice rescue suit, which protects a person from the cold and also acts as a flotation device « He was strapped to the boat, he swam towards the dog, took the dog into the water then grabbed the dog, he was lured into the Glace Bay boat, ”ChantChant said, said rescue swims are not common, but his department and others in the area have good swimmers who can doing this kind of work The dog did not appear injured and was quickly transported to a dock to be reunited with his family“They were thrilled, I got a big hug and a high five from the dad,” Chant said “The thanks were quick to the scene there and I met them again at the dock to pick up the dog and they thanked us again They couldn’t believe we did what we did « Despite the happy ending, Chant said people should be careful around the shore of Cape Breton Island because a large part of it is undermined by seawater and erodes quickly, with portions of land that can easily collapse underfoot“These are very, very dangerous cliffs,” Chant said “You just have to watch out for these banks because a mistake and it could end up being a tragic situation Again this has happened in the last couple of years , we lost two people in the same region « MORE TOP STORIES

Fire crews are still extinguishing a massive fire that burns at a plastic recycling depot in the Queensborough area of ​​New Westminster, nearly 12 hours after the blaze startedWitnesses began to see multi-story flames and smoke in thick black columns near the Annacis Island Swing Bridge in the Derwent Way and Salter Street area around 7:30 p.m.m PT on Monday Photos showed the orange glow of flames illuminating plumes of smoke above the city, with the scene visible a few blocks away City officials asked the public to avoid the area Residents were told nearby that they should close their windows and stay indoors to avoid the smoke Fire crews from New Westminster and neighboring towns worked to control the four-alarm blaze overnight They appeared to be in the clean-up phase on Tuesday morning, no visible smoke The fire occurred nearly a month to the day after another fire destroyed part of the New Westminster Pier grounds The fire – which reached wood treated with a flammable preservative based on coal tar – was finally quenched after 10 days

Mark McFie says he has to keep his windows closed in midsummer because of the noise of semi-trucks behind his house He is part of a group of residents calling on the city of Regina to ban traffic heavy trucks on the narrow road – however, the ban is not because of noiseInstead it’s safety, McFie is worried « About the way he is and the speed limits you have and there are no shoulders, someone is going to be seriously injured or killed on this road « said McFie » We have heard near misses It’s an accident waiting to happen. ”McFie asks City Council to ban heavy truck traffic until the road is resurfaced with a median, shoulders on both sides and the road is built for handling new traffic on the Regina ring road The Saskatchewan Trucking Association said in a statement it strongly opposes banning 9th Avenue N as a commercial truck route »Removing commercial truck access on this portion of North 9th Avenue will increase travel time, increase carbon emissions, increase fuel consumption, and increase overall operating costs for many property-dependent businesses. essential, « says the press releaseThe statement says trucks to Loblaws use this route, but closing it would add approximately 20 miles round trip He also said that since the city closed Dewdney Avenue to commercial trucks, 9th Avenue N is the « only logical option » to access the northwestern part of Regina.McFie said that before the bypass, the trucks used other routes to get to where they needed to go « So they know how to get around the problem They use it as a shortcut and they use us all as an excuse to keep them » McFieMcFie said all of the current traffic came as a surprise because when the bypass was originally planned at a public forum meeting, the design did not have an exit ramp on 9th Avenue N“We were deceived,” said McFie. “We were never once told that this would be a heavy truck route So we never knew about that until they opened the bypass” Due to the fact that it was not originally intended to be hooked up to the bypass, the road design was not where he thought it should be, McFie said.McFie said he contacted Highways and Infrastructure Minister Greg Ottenbreit, Regina Mayor Michael Fougere, his local city councilor and local MP Laura Ross He said Ross stopped to see trucks in the backyard and agreed it was dangerous> We already know in this province and I’ve seen, you know, what kind of damage trucks can do when they hit vehicles – Mark McFie « You can bring the trucks back there, as far as I’m concerned » , he said « But you have to build this road properly » McFie said he wanted the road to be lined with a median and a berm for residents Notice of motion presented to Regina city council meeting on 6, Councilor of Ward 9 Jason Mancinelli presents notice of motion to discuss the change in City Council Mancinelli’s safety adjustment said the new transportation models brought by the Regina Bypass put local safety at risk due to the high speeds, nearby housing and road designThe notice of motion also says the cost of road repairs will exceed $ 10 million and that the flow of funding and availability will be decades away. He also said the Saskatchewan government has provided a solution that « significantly reduces the danger of the current situation », but details were not included in the notice. With Mancinelli’s notice of motion, a discussion will take place. held at the Oct 26 city council meeting McFie said local residents had discussed who will be there to speak on behalf of the neighborhood « We already know in this province and I’ve seen, you know, what kinds of damage the trucks can cause when they collide with vehicles, ”said McFie“ We don’t want that to happen ”

A group of prominent Christians on both sides of the aisle, including a former religious adviser to former President Barack Obama, form a Political Action Committee designed to reduce Christian support for President Donald Trump in the Final Weeks of the 2020 Campaign Dubbed Not Our Faith, the new super PAC plans to roll out six-figure TV and digital ads focused on Christian voters – especially Evangelical and Catholic voters who helped Trump to victory in 2016 Its first advertisement digital, slated to air in Michigan and Pennsylvania, firmly targets Trump’s claim to get on with Christians

Neil Gaiman, Anita Hill and Ann Patchett will be among the contributors to Book the Vote, an online initiative to provide information on the electoral system, vote recording and civic matters Book the Vote is a collaboration between Penguin Random House, PEN America, the nonprofit When We All Vote and literary retailer Out of Print, which is owned by Penguin Random House The website will include videos from Gaiman, Hill, Patchett and other authors and public figures including Jennifer Egan, Jeffrey Toobin, Susan Orlean and Alan Cumming

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec signed an agreement to purchase a portfolio of solar assets in Spain from Q-Energy The financial terms of the agreement were not immediately available The portfolio includes 73 assets located in all over Spain which together can produce enough electricity to power more than 115,000 households

Trailer for « Totally Under Control » directed by Alex Gibney, Suzanne Hillinger and Ophelia Harutyunyan (Elevation footage)

Donald Trump, Scott Baio, Kristy Swanson, Dean Cain

World News – United States – Scott Baio, Dean Cain, Kristy Swanson talk about Trump and Hollywood in a new doc trailer: dislike man ‘



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