World news – US – Seahawks Chase Edmonds leaves open for a truly wide open landing


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Leaves Seahawks Chase Edmonds already open, as it originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

With the Seattle Seahawks leading 23-14 through three quarters, Keeler Murray pitched the ball to the fully revealed Chase Edmunds in order to land at 3 yards.

Keeler Murray raises it up to the spacious open chase Edmonds 🎯 He made it seem easier than it used to be! Pic. Twitter. com / v7qDiBpcdQ

According to ESPN & Info stats, Seahawks’ closest defense to Edmonds was at 12 yards. It is the second biggest break in the finals this season.

NFL Next Gen stats: Chase Edmonds were 12 yards apart at Thursday’s Rec TD. It is the second-biggest break in the finals this season, behind only Calvin Ridley, who had 15. 8 yards of separation in Week 1 TD. Both TD were scored against Seahawks. Pic. Twitter. com / SFy3jqzmdh ​​

Just like that, the Cardinals cut the game into two points. Seahawks still lead 23-21 nearly nine minutes before the match ends, but wait hard, another painful end will be.

A coach rarely fires an assistant coach in the middle of a season. When that happens, legal questions always follow. The New York Giants will have to find some of these answers after coach Joe Judge abruptly ended offensive line coach Mark Columbo on Wednesday.. While initial media reports indicated that the shooting came [. . . ]

Sacramento Kings Class: A at: (12) Therese Halliburton; (40) Robert Woodard II. (43) Jahmius Ramsey. 2021 Selection of the second round (from Houston); 2022 second round (from Memphis); Critical considerations outside: (35) Xavier Tillman; (52) Kenyon Martin Jr.. Hey, the Kings had a good draft.

Let’s take a look at the biggest winners and losers from the exciting NBA 2020 draft.

After a five-month delay, the NBA draft was finally released on Wednesday evening, and with it came some surprises – good and bad..

The Rockets’ asking price for James Harden’s deal has been revealed, and it’s a hefty price tag.

Kelly Uber appears to be on the move again. This time, he headed to San Francisco to play alongside Steve Curry and Diamond Green.

The Warriors is now in trouble for a $ 134 million luxury tax bill, unless the NBA steps in.

Scoring a draft that just happened is foolish. Today’s novels can turn into plagiarisms while hard bets can turn into errors. Let’s try it anyway.

The Clippers and Detroit Pistons have made their night trade official, which is a deal that includes more portions than originally anticipated.

Lexi Thompson made the fifth hole in her LPGA career in the first round of the Pelican Women’s Championship.

Vincent Poirere shared a message to the Celtics and teammates after trading with Thunder on Thursday..

Russell Wilson rebounded from his worst performance this season to drop twice, and the Seattle Seahawks returned to the top of NFC West with a 28-21 win over the Arizona Cardinals Thursday night. Wilson was flawless, erasing the past four weeks’ mistakes when Seattle lost three of four, including losses in the past two weeks to Buffalo and the Los Angeles Rams.. The slip left Seattle in a tie above NFC West with the Rams and Cardinals.

Anderson Silva was removed from his seven-year career as the Middleweight Championship at the Ultimate Fighting Championship, and has only scored one win since then..

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World News – US – Seahawks Chase Edmonds leaves open for wide open target
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