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Posted: 20:27 GMT, 4 November 2020 | Update: 20:31 GMT, 4 November 2020

An unlicensed Pinkerton security guard, 30, who shot dead a Navy veteran, 49, during a ‘Patriot Muster’ protest in Denver last month, has been released from jail after he posted a deposit of $ 500,000

Matthew Dolloff was charged with second degree murder after being filmed filming Lee Keltner during rallies opposing Right and Left on October 10

Private security guard Dolloff was released from jail at 3 p.m. Tuesday after posting bail, according to the Denver Sheriff’s Department

This came weeks after the suspect’s attorney, Valerie Cole, argued he had acted in « self-defense » and asked a judge to consider lowering his bail to give him a chance to be released from prison

The public defender demanded that his bond be reduced from $ 500,000 to between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000, citing – along with his argument in self-defense – his ties to the community and the lack of a criminal record

A judge dismissed the request and said the footage from the crime scene did not support his claims of self-defense

However, despite maintaining the higher bond, Dolloff was able to post a bond and be released on November 3.

Dolloff had been in prison since October 10, when he was arrested at the scene of Keltner’s fatal shooting

Dolloff had been hired by local television station KUSA-TV via notorious detective agency Pinkerton to protect members of the media who were covering a « Patriot Muster » protest and a « BLM-Antifa Soup Drive » counter-test at the time

Lee Keltner, 49, (above) was a veteran of the US Navy Dolloff – an unauthorized security guard from Pinkerton – shot Keltner at a « Patriot Muster » protest in Denver on the month last

Both the TV channel and Pinkerton sought to distance themselves from the suspect, with KUSA-TV claiming not to know he was armed with a gun and the detective agency claiming he was only a subcontractor and not an employee of the company

The fatal shooting was caught on video by spectators, including by the television producer Dolloff was working with at the time

Images as well as photos from the Denver Post show Keltner – who attended the ‘Patriot Muster’ rally, according to his family’s attorney – arguing with a black man wearing a Black T-shirt first Guns Matter before getting into an altercation with Dolloff

Cellphone video of anonymous TV producer suggests Keltner was upset that the original argument was being taped

This image captures the moment Keltner pulverizes a sledgehammer, (left) as Dolloff (right) fatally shoots him with a semi-automatic pistol in Denver

In this October 10 photo, Dolloff (right) turns around after killing Keltner following opposing rallies

Dolloff drops his gun and kneels with his hands in the air as he is taken into custody after the fatal shooting

The voice of a man – it is not known if it is Keltner – is heard telling that the area was not a place for cameras

« Get the cameras out of here or I’ll fuck you, » said the unidentified man

Photos from the Post show Dolloff pointing his gun at Keltner as the veteran fires what police said was pepper spray at Dolloff before Keltner fell to the ground

Police say Keltner slapped Dolloff in the face before Dolloff withdrew his gun and shot the 49-year-old at point blank range

When the TV producer resumes filming after filming, he is heard telling police upon arrival that he is with the press and that the man who was shot ‘was going to catch me’ ‘

Under Colorado law, second degree murder is defined as the knowing murder of a person, but without deliberation, prosecutors are required to prove in first degree murder cases

Those convicted of second degree murder face a mandatory sentence of 16 to 48 years in prison

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News from the world – US – Security guard who shot dead Patriot Muster protester on bail
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