World News – US – Supreme Court agrees to hear NCAA college athletes’ compensation case


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WASHINGTON (AP) – The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to review a court ruling that, according to the NCAA, has blurred the line between student-athletes and professionals « by lifting the caps on education-related funds specific to football – and basketball players can get.

The case will be discussed in 2021 with a decision expected before the end of June.

The Supreme Court’s decision to hear the case comes after a three-person jury of the 9th. U. . S.. . The appeals court ruled in May. The panel upheld a lower court decision preventing the NCAA from capping educational allowances and benefits for sports students in Division I soccer and basketball programs. Department I conferences can still set their own rules independently.

Donald Remy, the NCAA’s chief legal officer, said in a statement that the NCAA is pleased that the court will consider the case. « The NCAA and its members continue to believe that colleges should be able to improve the experience of athletes without endless litigation over these changes, » said Remy.

In August, Judge Elena Kagan denied the NCAA’s motion to at least temporarily postpone lower court decisions in favor of the student athletes while the NCAA officially petitioned the Supreme Court to open the case.

The NCAA had stated that the ruling « effectively created a pay-for-play system for all student athletes, allowing them to receive both » unlimited « amounts for participating in » internships « and an additional 5. Earning $ 600 or more per year You will remain eligible to practice your sport.

The NCAA is in the process of changing its rules so that athletes can be compensated for using their names, images, and likenesses. This should allow athletes to get paid for promotional and sponsorship offers, appearances, and promoting products or events on social media accounts.

The Supreme Court has heard arguments on phone cases over the coronavirus pandemic, and judges have said they will continue to hear the cases by phone at least until January. The court did not say when the face-to-face hearings could resume.

The Supreme Court opened another case on Wednesday. It is a class action lawsuit against the credit reporting service TransUnion. A jury spoke to a group of over 8. 000 people received more than $ 60 million after the credit reporting service classified their accounts as those identified by the government as terrorists, drug traffickers, and other national security threats. An appeals court later reduced the amount to $ 40 million. TransUnion has appealed.

Shares in Canadian cannabis company Aphria Inc. . and Tilray Inc. . rose late in trading after reports that the companies are in advanced talks to join forces.

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World News – USA – Supreme Court approves decision on compensation for NCAA college athletes


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