World news – US – The tragic death of Lord Mountbatten was a « great loss » for Prince Charles


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In the first episode of the latest season on Netflix from The Crown, we watch Lord Mountbatten, better known as Uncle Dickie, ride the humble boat fishing expedition known as Shadow V. In an instant when a tender grandfather was supposed to appear fishing lobsters with his grandson, the scene turns into shock when the boat catches fire, and the audience intuitively knows that the intimate king – and the greatest ally of Prince Charles – is gone forever.

The real attack on August 27, 1979, off the coast of Mulagmore, Ireland, was equally unexpected. Lord Mountbatten, who held titles including admiral of the fleet, first Earl of Mountbatten of Burma, and last viceroy of India, was 79 years old, WWII hero, and grandson of Queen Victoria herself.. . He served as the father of both Prince Philip and Prince Charles, and although he owned a large house near London called the Broadlands, he enjoyed retreating to Ireland for hunting trips in Shadow V and had been making such trips for nearly three decades, according to the New York Times.. August 27 was supposed to be a normal day, except that Ireland was not going through normal times.

In 1979, Northern Ireland was in the midst of an ethno-nationalist conflict that shaped unrest, as Roman Catholic Irish nationalists sought to tear Northern Ireland apart from its union with the United Kingdom. This battle was led by the Irish Republican Army, which described unitary armies, including the British Army, as terrorists.. Members of the Irish Republican Army saw the battle as a crusade against British colonialism and British control over Irish territory. So the attack on Lord Mountbatten – a member of the British royal family, an ancient symbol of England’s colonial power – was considered a victory.. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, nearly 4,000 people died during the unrest, with about 30 injured. 000 others. Among the dead was Lord Mountbatten.

But many Irish, including some nationalists, protested the violence of Shadow V.. A remote-controlled bomb, planted by an IRA member on the boat, killed not only Dickie but also his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas, Nicholas’ grandmother Lady Brabourne, and a 15-year-old boatman named Paul Maxwell, who was getting To party that summer, according to the Irish Times. Although the IRA referred to the attack as part of a « noble struggle to expel British infiltrators from our native land », according to The Times, the killing of innocent women and children angered people around the world, and the loss of my cock sparked British grief..

According to The Guardian, attacking Shadow V wasn’t the only loss of the day. Hours later, two more bombs exploded 100 miles away in Northern Ireland, killing 18 British soldiers.. The Irish Republican Army claimed responsibility for the attacks, using them as a warning after the violence of Bloody Sunday in 1972, during which British soldiers killed 13 North Catholic protesters, according to the date.. . That’s why you’ll hear an IRA commander declaring during The Crown episode, « Thirteen dead and not forgotten, we’ve got 18 years and Mountbatten. ».

In 2015, prior to a visit to the place where Mountbatten was killed, Prince Charles said at a reception in Sligo, “At that time I could not imagine how we could handle the suffering of such a profound loss, where for me, it was Lord Mountbatten. Represents the grandfather that I have never had. It seemed as if the foundations of everything we cherished in life had been torn apart. Through this experience, I now understand in a profound way the pain that many other people on these islands endure, regardless of creed, sect or political tradition..

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World News – US – The tragic death of Lord Mountbatten was a « great loss » for Prince Charles



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