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Major League Baseball has officially concluded its Thursday Week Awards, handing over the Best Player awards to a pair of base firsts – Jose Abreu of Chicago White Sox and Freddie Freeman of the Atlanta Braves

Although there is no real drama surrounding the award announcements – every winner, from Don Mattingly’s Manager of the Year on Monday to Freeman’s MVP on Thursday, was considered a fine choice by the baseball selections group of the American Writers Association We still couldn’t escape without a little argument

It’s all centered on one weird, lonely, meaningless, 10th-place vote cast by a member of the Chicago Cubs whose name you probably couldn’t guess if we got you 100 attempts and an informative guide for spring training

No, we don’t intend to insult Ryan Tibera – it’s the name you’re trying to guess – but we wonder why and how his name appeared on the Saint’s ballot. The Louis Post-Dispatch beat writer and baseball Hall of Fame Rick Hamill

Speaking to Gordon Whitenmayr of Cubs Insider, Hummel revealed that the vote that went to Tepera was a mistake the vote, which was submitted electronically, was actually intended for Washington native Trea Turner

« I’m sure the Tibera family is happy, but there’s no way I would have voted for him » Hamill said, « I was planning to vote for Tria Turner in fact, I remember wrestling with two people from the last place team »

Turner, who led the National League in achieving (78) and three times (4), was listed on 28 of the 30 ballots and ended up in seventh place. He was absolutely worthy of being considered the best player with his teammate, Juan Soto, who finished Fifth Place Knowing it was a mistake makes us feel a lot better about the vote itself, but we may not feel satisfied with the process.

The good news is that the tenth-place vote for Tibera was not a vote that affected the overall award tables nor was it a mark of an all-out ballot. Hamill was among 28 of the 30 BBWAA voters who gave Freeman a first overall vote, the rest were Ballots are on par with their peers, so there’s nothing else here to make a fuss or lose sleep

Tibera, 33, is a veteran relief pitcher forged by the Toronto Blue Jays in Round 19 of the 2009 MLB Draft He made his MLB debut with Toronto in 2015 and went on to appear in 216 matches with the Blue Jays, publishing 3 Collective 64 epochs

Truth be told, these are very reliable figures for a relief jug, which is why Chicago Cubs were content to grab it with a one-year contract worth $ 900,000 last December

In 2020, Tibera appeared in 21 out of 60 games in Chicago during the season shortened over 20 2/3 innings, scoring 392 eps while hitting 31 and walking 12

Again, this is nothing if not a satisfactory production from a moderate person you would never trust in the game at stake but, of course, each game had at least two or three painkillers that perform so impressively that is why we were looking For any value that would pay Tibera to the best player on his team, not to mention the entire league

Rumors are circulating that James Harden is on his way out of Houston claiming the latest advice that Harden has made a list of the teams he’d like to play with

After Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player played their legendary role to demand action from the governing bodies of the game to prevent the ball from advancing so far, after they were hit by ceremonial openings in Augusta on the first day of the 84th Masters Tournament In a set of enthusiastic pleas that will surely make R & A and the US Golf Association sit down and note as the distance problem intensifies, a player voiced his concerns that unless something is done, the pros will hit the 500 yards distance Nicklaus insists R & A and USGA They will soon introduce a back padded ball, despite claims of not knowing the details The next phase of the R & A and USGA’s Distance Insights Project has been postponed until March due to the pandemic, but then is expected to speed up the process, Augusta President Fred Ridley said Wednesday: «  Hopefully studies that have been going on for some time are close to a call to action, Nicklaus agreed and said, “I think they would most likely have brought it back this year had it not been for Covid, or at least they would have thought about it or were serious about bringing it back,” USGA and R & A said. They’re serious about it. They have to make some changes with it, otherwise all the old golf courses are gone, all the strategies and everything else you had on the golf courses makes no sense at all. The player went further, and painted an almost horrific picture. He said, « This Something Jack and I have been defending and don’t know for how long. ”“ They have to cut the ball again, and they’ll do it or else they’ll drive the first green car in Augusta. Actually, [Bryson] Deschambo, if it’s not humid, if it’s rough, he’ll drive it on. The green zone, he takes three wood and puts it on the third green, « We see things that we hadn’t thought of before, and we are in our cradle. You have players coming who will carry the ball to the past as Deschambo ends now. I said 20 or 25 years ago that players would hit the ball at 400 yards, » And I was mocked about that now I don’t know how far the ball can go, I don’t know what the maximum is, but don’t be surprised if you see them hitting it at 500 yards because these players are so big and so powerful, it’s scary The big hurdle is the threat of litigation from the equipment makers « Bifurcation » was thought to be the preferred option, as R & A and USGA published a survey suggesting that the idea of ​​different rules for amateur and professional games was on the table. « No, they’ll change it for everyone, » Nicklaus said. I know what they’re developing, but a I think it’s a ball, the faster the club head, the less progress you go down if you’re swinging at 125 miles an hour, you’re going to limit that distance if you’re swinging at 100 miles per hour, you won’t lose much distance if you go to 90, you won’t lose any distance. Also about the US election, but refrained from talking about it, Nicklaus gave President Trump a strong support a few weeks ago, and advised his American colleagues to vote for him on Joe Biden. However, when asked whether Trump should now accept defeat kindly, Nicklaus replied: “I think I I’ve said enough about it that I don’t think this is the place to be for politics. ”

It looks like The Packers will be sure this weekend at least one bettor thinks so according to ESPNcom’s David Beardom, Someone placed a $ 99,000 bet on Packers to beat the Jaguars with William Hill’s Nevada mathematical book with odds -1100, The bet will only pay $ 9000 if it is [more]

Jack Nicklaus and Gary Player said Tiger Woods showed rare affection Tuesday at the Masters dinner

Latest rumors of Lakers trading include Tottenham guard Damar DeRozan According to Kevin O’Connor of The Ringer, the Lakers have shown interest in the four-time All-Star in a deal that would send Danny Green and Kyle Cosma to Tottenham last season with Tottenham. DeRozan played 68 games , With an average of 22 points, five rebounds and 56 assists, which is the second highest mark in his career after his debut season at San Antonio in 2018-19.Although he was not selected for the All-Star title in San Antonio, there is a very real case. His improvement in both goalscoring and passing

Rondo was brilliant for the Lakers in the post-season, but this play may be worth an open market hike, as many have questioned LeBron’s friend Chris Paul in Oklahoma City but since Paul is the focus of ongoing business discussions with The Sun he has become known That Paul never wanted to be a part of the Lakers, especially after the Lakers won the championship this season The reason why he did not want to go to the Lakers is because they are already established, and they have already been accomplished by Stephen A. of ESPN Blacksmith

Paul Casey takes over the Augusta nightclub; Nearly half of the field still needs to complete the first round before the second round starts on Friday.

Bresson Deschamps is not afraid to leave her torn apart – with his batons or with his mouth, Governor Yus raised eyebrows in Augusta National when he said he considers the par-72 as the 67th par given his ability to hit average 5 in two shots and 350 yards and 4 in one

Sean McVeigh and Los Angeles Rams host the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. The media asked the coach what he thought of the spectacular play a while ago that saw Seahawks’ DK Metcalf run down Budda at the Arizona Cardinals

Bryson Deschamps is expected to dominate the tees this weekend in the Masters, but it is his play on the Greens that will make or break him

John Schlerman was an attacking player in all SEC divisions of Wildcats before becoming assistant coach at his home university in 2013

New York – We knew this draft would be unexpected. There are no stars at the top, not like last year with Zion Williamson, Ja Morant and RJ Barrett locked in these horizons far from being sure of things in addition, the scouting capabilities Confused by the pandemic, teams with top 2 picks have immediate aspirations for the qualifiers Warriors Who Own Second

1-over 73 by Andy Ogletree alongside Tiger Woods Thursday at The Masters was highlighted by some good talks, including about Crow’s Nest

If teams come to invite Gary Sanchez, the Yankees will at least listen to what they have to say, according to Ken Davidoff from The New York Post, Joel Sherman and Dan Martin

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World News – USA – The weirdest MVP vote ever It was actually an accident
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