WORLD NEWS – US – Transformers Voice and More actor Kirby Morrow dies at age 47


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A well-known voice actor and screen actor, Kirby Morrow passed away yesterday at the age of 47. He was known to our fans for his work in the Unicron trilogy, but he did so much more than that. Read on for more details.

Kirby’s brother, Casey, posted the news on social media, yesterday saying, “Kirby was a blessed and talented individual who brought joy to many but who also flourished from all your love and friendship. He lived for her and fed him every day.

Kirby Morrow was born in the year 1973 in Alberta, Canada, where he eventually trained at Mount Royal University. Morrow has nearly 200 acting credits, according to IMDb that you really should check out, including extensive audio work for animation..

voiced Rad in Transformers: Armada and Transformers: Energon, as well as voicing Hot Shot in Transformers: Cybertron. He was also notable for voicing Miroku in InuYasha, Cyclops / Scott Summers in X-Men: Evolution, Michelangelo in Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation, and much more! He has also had several live performances on Supergirl, Legion and Star Gate TV.

We lost one of us this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with his friends and family in this lost time.

If you would like to discuss this, feel free to express your condolences on the topic of our forum.

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World News – US – Kirby Morrow, Transformers Voice Actor and More, passed away at the age of 47


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