World News – US – Trump calls for investigation into alleged harvest of ballots by Ilhan Omar supporters in Minnesota


President Trump called US lawyer in Minnesota to investigate alleged illegal ballot collection report by supporters of Rep Ilhan Omar in Minnesota

Project Veritas, an investigative reporting project that uses undercover reporters, released a report Sunday night claiming Omar supporters in Minneapolis were illegally collecting blank ballots and bragging about them on social media Trump condemned the actions described in the video in a tweet posted Sunday evening

« This is totally illegal. Hope the US Minnesota Lawyer has this, and other of his many wrongs, under serious consideration ??? If not, why not ??? We will win Minnesota through to her and law enforcement Saved Minneapolis & Iron O Range! « Trump wrote

This is totally illegal I hope the US Minnesota Lawyer has this, and other of its many wrongs, under serious consideration ??? Otherwise, why not ??? We will reach Minnesota thanks to her and the police force Minneapolis & Iron O Range saved! https: // tco / yete31P680

The report focuses on ballot harvesting, a practice Trump and other Republicans have condemned for years. Ballot harvesting occurs when a third party, often volunteers or campaign staff, collects the ballot papers directly from voters’ homes for delivery to polling stations Third party pickers can be paid hourly for their work

Most states that allow voters to have a third party deliver their ballots place a limit on the number of ballots that can be collected by an individual California is the exception, which allows unlimited collection of ballots. ballots as long as pickers are paid by the hour and not by ballot

In Project Veritas report, a man identified as Libon Mohamed was caught bragging about the large stack of ballots he had collected Mohamed claimed he was being paid to collect ballots He said he had « 300 ballots for Minneapolis City Council member Jamal Osman » It is illegal to collect more than three ballots in Minnesota

The report included interviews with other Minneapolis residents who described large-scale ballot collection operations at city apartment complexes Omar Jamal, an official with the nearby Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office, and several other unidentified people claimed it was Omar’s supporters who were collecting the ballots

« I think [Mohamed] was working [for] both Ilhan Omar and Jamal [Osman], but I think he was more with Ilhan Omar, » Jamal said

Much of the report contained remarks from anonymous sources whose identities were unclear during interviews, a critical part of Project Veritas’ reporting style that may make it difficult to confirm their claims. Project Veritas has seen some reports crumble, including an attempt to show prejudice to the Washington Post

Minnesota is a key swing state in 2020 There are several House seats that could tip over and a Senate race that has narrowed in recent weeks Trump and Joe Biden also have a tight race in the state, who has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon

The neighborhood of Omar is not one of the neighborhoods that could rock She solidly won her primary and will likely beat her Republican opponent by a significant margin, with the district historically ranked among the most liberal in the country

Ilhan Omar

News from the world – United States – Trump calls for investigation into allegations of ballot picking by Ilhan Omar supporters in Minnesota


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