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The word « fun » often comes to your mind when driving a MINI The two have gone hand in hand since the original launched over 60 years ago It wasn’t necessarily the goal when making the car, but luckily the car went the way it didNow, as we enter a new era, the era of electric cars, MINI will have to adapt and the Cooper SE is the first step in that direction

With a little help from BMW, the engineers at Oxford managed to create a compelling package in the form of the Cooper SE, at least as far as the fun factor goes. Admittedly, the started off with a great foundation. The MINI in 2-door hardtop configuration is a furry car to drive to begin with and when you give it the instant torque of an electric motor, things will get even better.In addition, the battery-induced weight penalty does is not too important, to the point of completely ruining the driving

The guys at MotorWeek said they were impressed with the great fun factor of the MINI Cooper SE Being in the overhaul business for decades, the folks at MotorWeek were also lucky enough to have tested the prototypes. MINI electric vehicles offered by BMW to some owners some time ago, to measure their driving habits An interesting note from the reviewer is that the current model doesn’t offer much more battery life than these older prototypes.

However, unlike those early cars, the current model looks like a refined end product, instead of an experience It comes with everything you need for your daily commute and could turn out to be the car of perfect city thanks to its zero emissions and compact size But don’t take my word for it, watch the full review, in the video below

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