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On August 29, 1979, Louis Mountbatten, Earl of Burma (also known as Lord Mountbatten, and in the diminutive Crown « Uncle Dicke ») was killed off the coast of Ireland in the bombing of the Irish Republican Army. The remote-controlled explosive planted in the Mountbattens fishing boat the night before claimed the lives of four people: Lord Mountbatten, his 14-year-old grandson Nicholas Knatchpole, Paul Maxwell, and the widow. Baroness Doreen Brabourne, mother-in-law of Mountbatten’s 83-year-old daughter, who died in hospital the following day.

A week later, on September 5, 1979, the British royal family, government officials, foreign dignitaries and others gathered in Westminster Abbey for the funeral of the Earl. Here, pictures from the very real event, which – thanks to the newly released Season 4 of The Crown – has recently made its appearance in cultural consciousness..

Lord Mountbatten’s coffin, wrapped in the Union Jack, arrived at Westminster Abbey after a parade through the streets of London.

Members of the British Armed Forces marched alongside representatives from Burma, India, the United States, France and Canada, according to the BBC.

Mountbatten’s Admiral’s Hat and Sword of Honor and her golden wand were placed over the coffin.

Lord Mountbatten made most of the arrangements for his funeral a few years before his death. This meant, among other things, that Japan was not represented at the ceremony – a decision the New York Times suspected was motivated by Mountbatten’s bad intentions toward the nation, following his time fighting in Southeast Asia during World War II.. .

After the ceremony, the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip and more members of the royal family leave the convent together.

Lord Mountbatten’s coffin was photographed at Waterloo Station, after the ceremony at Westminster Abbey.

Princess Anne and her then-husband Mark Phillips ride a train at Waterloo Station after the funeral.

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