World News – USA – Bin Laden terrorist after early release from US prison in UK – for being TOO FAT


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Adel Abdel-Bary, 60, was released early for health reasons, as he feared that his life was endangered by COVID-19 and his morbid obesity. Prison records indicated that he is over 16 years old and has asthma. The Egyptian, who helped plot disease-causing terrorist attacks that killed more than 220 people in US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, left a New Jersey prison on Tuesday and flew to the UK to meet his 59-year-old wife Ragaa Unite Council House in Maida Vale in North West London.

The father of six, known in Europe as bin Laden’s spokesman, has the right to live in the UK after being granted asylum in 1997.

The law states that he cannot be sent back to Egypt as he could face death or torture in his homeland, which he fled to Britain in 1991.

« She wants to clear the country of threats, but here is a notorious terrorist right on her doorstep. ”

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Abdel-Bary was extradited to the US in 2012 and jailed for 25 years after admitting his role in two al-Qaeda bombings that killed 224 people in US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.

In 2014, he pleaded guilty to conspiring to kill Americans and facing charges of threats.

Originally charged with 285 crimes, he admitted only a handful, including threats to kill with explosives and conspiracy to murder US citizens overseas.

Abdel-Bary, who rented premises in London’s Kilburn Lane for bin Laden’s propaganda activities, had been released for 16 years because of the time he had been in custody prior to extradition.

During his trial in the US, prosecutors said Abdel-Bary was a trusted senior member of the London Cell of the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, a group led by Ayman al-Zawahiri that dealt with bin Laden’s bloodthirsty al-Qaeda Terrorist network.

After the 1998 bombings, he sent faxes to the media claiming responsibility for the atrocities and warning of future attacks.

He was released after his attorneys told a New York court that his morbid obesity was an « extraordinary and compelling » cause for mercy and a judge agreed.

His attorneys informed the judge that his release would begin the process of returning to his family in London.

They said, “He will never walk the streets of any city in the United States. ”

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UK security sources said Abdel-Bary will almost certainly take advantage once he is back in the UK.

They said he was also the subject of round-the-clock security surveillance, which means his return to the UK will cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds.

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World News – USA – Bin Laden Terror plotter back in the UK after early release from US prison – because he’s too fat
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