World News – USA – Blunt gets quirky in Shanley’s « Wild Mountain Thyme »


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« Wild Mountain Thyme » is a lyrical Irish romance that begins with a tale of a sociable, if dead man.

This mood is characteristic of the screenwriter and director John Patrick Shanley, whose romantic fable « Moonstruck » from 1989 earned him an Oscar.

Emily Blunt (« Mary Poppins ») and Jamie Dornan (« The Fall », « Fifty Shades of Gray ») play Rosemary and Anthony, frustrated lovers who live on neighboring farms.

While it is obviously meant to be together, it also seems like an impossible bond thanks to personality traits.

Blunt had just made two major films that were postponed until next year due to COVID-19: Disney’s « Jungle Cruise » starring Dwayne Johnson and « A Quiet Place Part II, » which were written and directed by her husband John Krasinski, whose character was killed in the first.

« I was really looking for something intimate, something to the left of the center and unique, » reflected an optimistic blunt (37). “The need for something a little riskier and more independent, to put your feet in the fire, happened to me.

« Really, because that was exactly what I wanted to do, it came about in a pretty magical way. ”

“You know the writing will be uniquely brilliant. They know it will be a unique experience, ”she said.

“There was something that was really adorable. It was almost like a great poem about love and the different ways you can express your love, whether it’s a person, whether it’s your family, or whether it’s the land, your farm.

« Also, I come from the part of the world in England and Ireland where we are so careful about expressing ourselves. We are so suppressed to say what we are feeling. And I think the whole film is really representative of that. ”

When these budding lovers tie themselves in knots, the picturesque backdrops have a hidden reality.

« Shanley really wanted to know everything about life on a farm. We worked on a living farm where we had to stop shooting because they were tending a herd of cows. The animals you see in the film live on the farm.

“Quite weird,” she said with a laugh, “both Jamie and I are allergic to farm animals. We were both treated with antihistamines up to our eyeballs every day.

« I’m really allergic to horses, I’m really allergic to cows. So it was weird that we’d both play these lonely, bizarre pawns. We are literally allergic to farms. ”

Emily Blunt, Jamie Dornan, John Patrick Shanley, outside Mullingar

World News – USA – Blunt turns bizarre in Shanley’s « Wild Mountain Thyme »


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