World News – USA – « Boy did we screw it up »: Charles Koch waives partisanship while putting money in Georgia GOP


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Republican megadonor Charles Koch, the billionaire industrialist whose countless millions in political contributions fueled the furnace of right-wing politics over the past decade, admits to « Axios on HBO » he said in an interview that aired Tuesday night being « screwed up being partisan ».

« Some of the politicians we elected – I would see them on TV and they would talk about opposing measures: against immigration, against criminal justice reform, against a more peaceful foreign policy, » says Koch, who along with He was a co-father to his now deceased brother David and financed the anti-government tea party movement that led to the rise of President Donald Trump.

« I was horrified – because we had all checked and they all appeared to be focused on important issues and people empowerment, » claims Koch. « And then, when they were elected, I did not expect them to fully agree with us on everything, but at least to be masters in the most important [subjects] that they said they are. « . And then – to do the opposite. « 

When asked whether his complaint was based more on principles or results, Koch, who broke with much of the Trump wing of the Republican Party for mid-2018, stated the latter.

« We couldn’t get any results. The whole purpose of getting into politics was to find people who would lead us to a society of equality and mutual benefit where people could reach their potential, « he said. « And we did the opposite. « 

Koch said he wanted to help choose people who, according to Trump’s divisive administration, « succeed by making others succeed ».

The remarks come days after Koch – CEO of Koch Industries, whom Forbes named America’s largest privately owned company yesterday – released a new book entitled « Believing in People: Bottom-Up Solutions for a Top-Down World » published. « 

« If 2020 has taught us something, the old methods won’t work, » the book’s website says. « But the solutions to our country’s problems are all around us. When we are willing to believe in people, empower them from the bottom up, and join forces with everyone to do the right thing, we can work together to build a society where everyone can rise. « 

This rhetoric is reminiscent of the decentralized impression of the Tea Party movement, a national network that was mobilized by the high-dollar cooking groups Americans for Prosperity and Freedom Works. The brothers also created the first national tea party website.

In defense of this work, Charles Koch previously cited the proclamation of « Free Market Ideals and Small Governments by the Movement ». « Over time, these turned into a revolutionary, anti-government riot that appealed to and ultimately enabled some of the darkest right-wing instincts.

« Boy, did we screw it up?. What a mess! « , Writes Koch in his new book. « [P] Crafts policy has prevented us from achieving what motivated us to get involved in politics in the first place – helping people by removing obstacles. « 

The fiscal conservative ideals that first brought the Tea Party to life have been largely ignored in recent years by conservatives who have reshaped themselves in Trump’s image – monitoring trillion-dollar deficits, restricting free trade and accepted government subsidy programs.

After the Senate Republicans passed a massive 2019 budget, Sen.. Rand Paul, R-Ky. praised the movement in the Senate. « The tea party is no more, » he said at the time.

« I reacted slowly to this fact, » writes Koch in the new book. « We have been going the wrong way for almost a decade. « . « 

Despite this outward renunciation of partisan politics, Americans for Prosperity Action – Koch’s super PAC – are throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars into Georgia’s two Senate outflows that will determine partisan control over the U in January of this year. S.. . senate.

Koch’s co-author Brian Hooks told Axios that the network has long supported Sen. David Perdue, R-Ga. , the multimillionaire, former CEO of Dollar General, who was hit by a Senate ethics complaint last week for allegedly using his office to take advantage of lucrative defense budget contracts.

« [W] we believe he can actually make a difference if he gets back to the Senate, » Hooks said.

« I don’t regret it very much, » he said to Axios. « We didn’t create any departments today. They were there before and they are there after. « 

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World News – USA – « Boy, did we screw it up »: Charles Koch waives partisanship while looking for money Georgia pours GOP
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