World News – USA – Bruce Arian’s criticism of Tom Brady does not go unnoticed, Buccaneer’s coaches do not fit the veteran’s scheme


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Tampa’s trainer Bruce Arians last week criticized future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady’s performance in public, which many people close to Brady expected, but also something they are reluctant to consider.

Brady himself is not inclined to say anything in the media about the persistent negative reviews of his work by Arians, sources say, but it clearly does not go unnoticed and, according to several people close to the quarterback, will at least partially as a diversionary tactic to divert attention from the significant schema and adaptation issues that the offensive coaching staff have not yet addressed. Several NFL executives and scouts who have been exploring the Buccaneers have also concluded that the offense is pretty predictable and fails to play to the 43-year-old quarterback’s strengths, making for an interesting final month of the regular season for the 7th 4 team represents.

« Tom is a big boy, he can take it, » said a source close to the quarterback. « It’s a great way to divert the Arian guilt. Ask everyone about the quarterback so they don’t focus on the system’s limitations or lack of customization. Are they really grinding to find every way to do this job better, or are they just blaming the quarterback? Do they grind all night to find the answers? « 

Brady has come under attack from Arians since the start of the season for his inaccuracy, failure to read coverage, and other mistakes. The veteran is used to going behind the scenes at team meetings from his time with Bill Belichick, but many in the league in the coaching and GM worlds are puzzled by the repeated public flogging of arguably the greatest player in the NFL -Story that is nearing the end of his career.

Last but not least, Brady is a full-time student of the game and was used to making completely different schedules, focal points and extensive halftime adjustments in New England when needed. This was not the case in Tampa, however, as changes in circulation or critical rethinking of the offense are very unlikely.

« This is BA’s offense, and it always will be BA’s offense, » said a longtime NFL aide who knows Arians well. « He is who he is and they do what they do. No risk, no cookie. Leave it behind and let it go. At this stage in his career, I don’t see any change for anyone – not even Tom Brady. « 

Conversations with those who explored the Bucs showed a similar feeling, as reliance on multiple vertical routes and the deep ball – although that wasn’t Brady’s forte at this point in his career – were some predictable trends in prompting. a tendency to get stuck in the second and long time, the lack of a real threat from passport catching (a staple for Brady dating back to his time with Kevin Faulk). Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich is not an experienced and accomplished game caller, which is also a factor.

« This isn’t really a fixture list team, » said one NFL manager. « They want to get their best players on the field as far as possible and try to throw it deep and beat you that way. There is a way of doing things, and when it works, it works. And if not then you are (screwed). You are not ready to try to reinvent yourself to win this particular game. « 

The Bucs lead the NFL with 27 dropbacks in attempts to fly 30 yards or more in the air, according to the PFF (NFL average is 16), with Brady posting a brutal 46. 4 rating on these passes. They also lead the NFL with 60 tries traveling 20 yards or more (the NFL average is 40), even though Brady’s QB rating is only 57. 6 on such passports. Brady attempted 13 passes to run back – just over the NFL average of 10 – but the lack of real air back was evident to opponents. The Bucs only average 2. 62 yards per attempt to run back, by far the worst in the NFL (the league average is 6. 51 Y / A).

« Brady doesn’t have that contact in the screen game, » said another manager who has explored the Bucs. « This is a great loss for him. You can speed up four and play coverage and zone them and they play here and there but nothing consistent. « 

In fact, Brady has tried to get 284 passes into zone coverage, most in the NFL per PFF, with five touchdowns, five interceptions, and a weak 85. 7 rating, 20. in the NFL. The Bucs have no emphasis on movement and movement before engaging – many of the NFL’s top crimes depend heavily on it – and while Brady stands out with 115 points in game action, the Bucs have only 89 dropbacks in game action 25 this season. most in the NFL.

Of course, there are things the Bucs could do to change the scope of the offense and the short and medium passing game, but it remains to be seen if it does. More fundamental roster and / or schematic changes may have to wait until 2021, and in the meantime, the relationship between Arians and Brady needs to be monitored, with player-to-schema consistency so far being less than outstanding.

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World news – USA – Bruce Arian’s criticism of Tom Brady does not go unnoticed, Buccaneer’s coaches do not fit the veteran’s scheme
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