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World News – USA – Charles Koch doubles up for saying he « screwed up » partisanship, but he still supports a Republican in the Georgia runoff

. . Billionaire GOP mega-donor Charles Koch has expressed regret that he has fueled partisanship for the second time in weeks. In a new interview with. . .

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In a new interview with Axios, Koch addressed the partisan issues described in his new book. He told interviewer Mike Allen when he realized his mistake.

« I would see some of the politicians we helped vote on television and they would talk about opposing measures – against immigration, against criminal justice reform, against more peaceful foreign policy, » Koch said. « I was horrified. « 

Koch has poured millions into the GOP and conservative movements; He and his late brother David are credited with contributing to the design and creation of the modern tea party. Its 44 dollars. 9 billion fortunes come from Koch Industries, the refinery that Koch inherited from his father.

Koch said he would review (and support) politicians who appeared to be « advocates » of his main problems and then find that they were doing the « opposite ». « 

Koch is now keen to promote measures that will help « empower » people, particularly citing foreign policy, immigration policy and criminal justice reform.

In an email to Douglas Belkin of the Wall Street Journal, Koch congratulated President-elect Joe Biden and Vice-President-elect Kamala Harris on their victory. He looks forward to « finding ways to work with them to break down the barriers that hold people back. « . « 

As reported by Axios, Koch’s SuperPAC, Americans for Prosperity Action, is still pouring a sizeable amount into the Georgia runoff on Jan.. January.

Brian Hooks, co-author of Koch’s book and CEO of Stand Together, Koch’s Philanthropic Endeavor, said they continue to support Georgia’s Republican Senator. David Perdue, who could be the key voice to keep the Senate under Republican control after the runoff elections scheduled for early January. Hooks said he and Koch think Perdue « can actually make a difference if he gets back to the Senate. « 

Perdue co-sponsored the RAISE Act 2017, which would have restricted legal immigration to the US. Perdue has previously also downplayed the effects of climate change.

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World News – USA – Charles Koch says twice that he « screwed up » partisanship, but he supported still a Republican in the Georgia runoff
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