World News – USA – Disco fans are excited to see a new Bee Gees album coming soon


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Barry Gibb covers the band’s new music and legacy in HBO’s new document The Bee Gees: How to Fix a Broken? heart.

When you think of disco music, you probably think of the Bee Gees. The three-part musical group, consisting of the brothers Robin, Maurice and Barry Gibb, defined the genre by becoming one of the most successful acts of the 1970s. With hits like « Stayin ‘Alive », « Night Fever » and « How Deep Is Your Love », listening to the Bee Gees immediately evokes visions of a bygone era. Now HBO is bringing the Bee Gees back into the zeitgeist with the new documentary The Bee Gees: How can you heal a broken heart?. The film reveals where Barry Gibb is now by catching up with the only surviving member of the band, and it’s clear that the oldest Gibb brother hasn’t finished making incredibly catchy music.

According to the document, the three Gibb brothers started making music together as children and began appearing on Australian television when Barry was 14 years old and his twin brothers were only 10 years old. They eventually became a hit pop group on the back of ballads like « To Love Somebody » in the late 1960s, but internal turmoil led to a split in 1969. As the document shows, the group reformed in the following year, but struggled to find an audience during the first half of the decade. In 1975 the Bee Gees found a new home and a new sound in the disco in Miami, reviving their career that culminated in their soundtrack album for the 1977 film Saturday Night Fever. The album is 20 years old, according to Business Insider. Bestseller of all time and catapulted the group into an absolute superstar. Though the band continued to produce hits through the 80s, the rapid decline in disco and splinter interests among their members ultimately meant that the Bee Gees moment in the sun was at the end of the Me decade.

Following the death of Maurice Gibb in 2003 and the death of Robin Gibb in 2012, Barry Gibb is now the only surviving member of the Bee Gees. And really, little in the 74-year-old’s life has changed since he was in the band. According to a recent interview with The Guardian, he still lives in the Miami mansion he moved to in 1974. He is still married to his wife, Linda Gray, whom he married in 1970. And he still writes and plays music. On Jan. . 8, 2021, Gibb will release his latest studio album Greenfields, his first since In the Now 2016. The album is a country record of Bee Gees songs rearranged and recorded with a number of notable artists in the genre, including Dolly Parton, Keith Urban and Little Big Town.

The Bee Gees may no longer be, but thanks to Barry Gibb, their memory lives on through music.

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World News – US – Disco fans are excited, there’s a new Bee Gees coming soon -Album
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