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Today’s game is the last in a multi-player Eagles uniform. The most notable among them is three-time Pro Bowl fan Zach Ertz, who is wrapping up his eighth NFL season with the Eagles.

Yesterday, Zach’s younger brother Nic went to Twitter (now deleted) to send Zach a heartfelt message on what could be his last game as an eagle.

When tomorrow your last game brings the green and wings of the helmet back to life, you just know your family has impressed your first chapter in the NFL. I will die on the hill where the people out there never really appreciated the work ethic, talent and perseverance to be a Super Bowl hero, receptions record holder and three-time pro bowler.

The younger Ertz is welcome to share his opinion like anyone else, but I don’t think Zach has a lack of appreciation on the spot. It’s for sure the best tight end the franchise has ever had, and Eagles fans recognize that.

He holds the franchise record for catches in one season with 116 in 2018. He ranks second in career at 558 and likely would have passed Harold Carmichael’s 589 had he not missed six games with an ankle injury this season.

Only 11 close ends in league history have more career catches, and he just turned 30 in November.

All of this means nothing of all the work Ertz does in the local community.

Perhaps the alleged lack of appreciation is due to the fact that the Eagles haven’t signed Ertz yet. It doesn’t rule this out, but if a new contract doesn’t expire as the current one expires, it usually means that there isn’t much interest in keeping it with you.

If anything, the lack of appreciation Nic speaks of is perhaps from a national perspective. While not many place him in the same category as Travis Kelce and George Kittle, Ertz has been a consensus top 5 tight end in the league for the past five years. If you don’t think so simply, you don’t pay attention to your game.

In any case, we wish Ertz all the best, no matter which uniform he wears beyond this season. It’s not every day you hit the game-winning touchdown in a city’s only Super Bowl win.

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World News – USA – Ertz’s younger brother hits social media
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Yesterday, Zach&’s younger brother Nic went to Twitter (now deleted) to send Zach a heartfelt message on what could be . . .
Zach Ertz&’s younger brother pays tribute to social media
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