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After a knee injury ended his 2019-20 season, Clevon Brown returns as an indispensable all-rounder for 2020-. 21 commodores.

Vanderbilt striker Clevon Brown returns for his fifth season in the West End this year. (Hustler Multimedia / Truman McDaniel).

When Jerry Stackhouse begins his sophomore year at the top of the West End, his forecourt will look very different. The Commodores’ biggest weakness last season was the lack of sizeable interior players. They not only lacked a constant starting presence in depth, but also in depth both in the power-forward and in the center position.

Throughout the Southeastern Conference (SEC) season, the Stackhouse team suffered from opposing postal players. According to KenPom, Vanderbilt allowed opposing teams to do so on Jan.. to get an offensive rebound. 4% of shots, 243. national. They also allowed opponents to shoot 53% from the three-point bow, the 297th in the country. Took place.

With players like Trendon Watford of LSU and Olivier Sarr of Kentucky who are expected to be indoor forces, the game in the Commodores forecourt must be improved upon. And this year, Stackhouse has depth to rely on.

One of the reasons for Vanderbilt’s poor indoor play last year was Clevon Brown’s injury in the preseason. Brown, best known as a batting defender, only made nine appearances for Stackhouse last season. However, in those nine games he showed incredible off-season growth. Having started just 17 games in the last three seasons, Brown started every game he appeared while scoring nine points per game and scoring six rebounds per game.

Due to his shortened season, Brown received a medical red shirt year from the NCAA, which gave him an extra year of eligibility. On Wednesday, Stackhouse announced that Quentin Millora-Brown, a qualified transfer from Rice, would likely be the starting center, meaning Brown’s return will put him in the team’s sixth man role.

« He’ll probably come off the bench with Clevon [Brown] first on the four or five and that gives us a lot of flexibility, » Stackhouse said on Wednesday. « It’s like Saben [Lee] came off the bank for us last year. ”

While this may surprise Commodore fans, Brown’s versatility makes him the perfect sixth man for a team that doesn’t have a lot of bench experience. As a defensive anchor, improved ground spacer, and skilled front court player, Brown will add some level of security to the team’s second unit and possibly be one of the most important players on Stackhouse.

Brown not only blocks shots, but does everything to make an effective defensive unit. Whether it’s guarding multiple positions, rooting out cracking offensive rebounders, or shutting down opponents’ pick and rolls, he uses intelligence and skill to bring the entire Vanderbilt defense together.

Because he’s only 6’8 « tall, Brown is often compared to oversized offensive players. To mitigate this economies of scale, Brown always struggles to face opposing mail players to distract incoming passes.

Not only does he use this ruse to be an effective back-back, but his mobility and smaller stature enable him to be an elite pick-and-roll defender. He and Max Evans were an incredibly effective duo against pick-and-rolls last season, with great communication and perfect positioning.

As demonstrated above, Brown has a fantastic understanding of the timing and positioning required to defend a pick and roll. He can quickly see when his opponent is preparing to set a screen and moves quickly to stop the ball first. By stopping the ball, he is buying his teammate just enough time to move around the screen and get back to his matchup. Brown then immediately returns to his own defensive game and the pick and roll is neutralized.

The clip above shows off many of Brown’s best attributes. As Stackhouse’s reaction on the sideline shows, this is a perfectly played defensive possession for his big man.

First, Brown notices Liberty’s guard and turns from the opposite block to prevent him from driving straight ahead. Next he finds that Scotty Pippen Jr. . turned to help with his matchup. He communicates quickly with Pippen Jr. . by throwing up his right hand to indicate that he has returned to his previous matchup and that Pippen Jr. . can return to his own matchup. And finally, alongside Saben Lee, Brown completely vented Liberty’s pick-and-roll attempt. He pushes the opposing guard away from the basket with a team of two and finally forces a turnover.

Ironically, this was actually the game Brown was injured in grabbing his knee for the Liberty sales. But it’s a great example of the many little things he brings in defense of the Commodores.

In just 107 career games, Brown ranks seventh on Vanderbilt’s all-time blocklist, and five of the six Commodores ahead of him are at least 6’10 ”. . Brown is only 6’8 « . He’s recorded multiple seasons of over 40 rejections and numbers to keep that list moving up this season.

He became a top 20 shot blocker on the SEC in both his sophomore and sophomore seasons, but his effectiveness as a rim protector has little to do with his size or length. Most of his marginal success is based on fundamentals and discipline.

He’s a tremendous defender who always understands where the ball is. By knowing where the ball is, it can spin quickly and find the perfect spots on the ground to take on shots. As shown above, he will often turn from the opposite side of the ground to influence an opponent’s attempt to shoot.

Once he turns to take a shot, he has a good grasp of timing. Brown rarely bites on pump fakes and his ability to stay on the ground limits his fouls, an issue many of Stackhouse’s younger Commodores have struggled with over the past year.

By always seeing the ball, spinning in the right places, and staying on the ground until an opponent shoots, Brown is seriously affecting the opponent’s shots.

While he may not fill in the points column in the boxing rating, Brown is an integral part of the intricate NBA offense Stackhouse seeks to carry out. Stackhouse talks about assigning roles to players a lot, and Brown’s offensive role is to be a versatile cog in helping others cause insults.

First, he’s a skilled screener who starred alongside Scotty Pippen Jr. Was successful in pick and roll sets. and Saben Lee. In the clip below, he not only sets a hard screen, but also intercepts a quick chest pass from a roll and ends high on the edge.

What also stands out from this clip is its willingness to shut down screens and initiate insults. Stackhouse often places him on the foul line or on top of the key so he can jump from wing to wing. Whether it’s a side-ball screen, an off-ball pin-down screen, or a simple dribble handover, Brown is both ready and able to initiate the complex aspects of Vanderbilt’s offense.

Second, Brown is constantly trying to attack the attack glass. Almost 44% of his career recoveries are on the offensive end of the floor, a staggering percentage and an element the Commodores sorely lacked last season.

In Brown’s nine games, he registered 2. 4 offensive boards per game. That was almost a full rebound more than any other player on the Commodores roster. And in both his second and second seasons, he was among the top 17 offensive rebounders in the SEC.

Brown cleans the attacking glass so effectively by playing over the edge and finding the ball with skillful internal turning movements and cuts. His jumping ability allows him to fly for setbacks, as seen in the clips above. But his cunning allows him to find the perfect spots on the floor for an offensive rebound. His ability to keep Vanderbilt possessions alive will be a welcome addition to this year’s team.

And third, Brown is an improving ground spacer that certainly needs more than three pointers than ever this season. Stackhouse has made it clear that he will be playing minutes in both power forward and center positions, and with that comes the need to clear the floor.

Although Brown tried only 13 threes last year, he met five of them and showed a newfound willingness to try three pointers. Stackhouse created several set games for Brown to score open three-point shots, including the 2019-20 season’s first possession against Southeast Missouri State, as shown above.

While his fundamentals are not flawless, he has good balance and height and has actually shot 100 three pointers in his career, showing that he can be more than just a screen setter.

Although he won’t be in the starting group on Friday when the Commodores take on Valparaiso, Clevon Brown will play an important role in Vanderbilt’s success. He might not be flashy or a good scorer, but he does a lot of little things on either end of the floor that go unnoticed. Don’t be surprised if Brown is on the floor during crunch time this season and one day plays himself on an NBA roster.

Justin Hershey (’22) is the senior sports analyst for the Vanderbilt Hustler. He has been a staff member since his first year at university and was previously a staff writer and deputy sports editor. He studies human and organizational development with minor subjects in economics. In addition to writing, he co-hosts VU Sports Wired, a Vanderbilt sports talk show, and The Hustler Sports 30, a Vanderbilt sports podcast on VandyRadio.
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After a knee injury ended his 2019-20 season, Clevon Brown returns as an indispensable all-rounder for the 2020-21 Commodores.

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World News – US – Film Room: The Return of Clevon Brown
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