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rising New York Giants coach Joe Judge has shown he’s not afraid to make a big change to his team in mid-season.

Although the Giants had scored a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles, a second successive win that put them back in the NFC East, Judge fired offensive line coach Mark Colombo, according to Tom Bellisero of NFL Media. . Dave DeGuglielmo has been contracted to replace him. DeGuglielmo has been an Offensive Line trainer since 1993 at Boston University and has trained the Offensive Line with giants, dolphins, jets, patriots, chargers and colts since then.

According to a report, a judge and Colombo fought a battle, which resulted in the shooting, but several reporters questioned any fighting..

He said the same thing. Mark Columbo was not pleased with Joe Judge’s decision and announced the matter verbally. But nothing is physical, according to the sources. https: // t. co / 37yTF4L4Fa

The judge has done many things his own way, the process of changing personnel before Thanksgiving is another example.

The Giants were rumored to be interested in DeGuglielmo after the judge was appointed but he went with Colombo.

Colombo, a longtime American soccer player, had a few years of experience coaching the Dallas Cowboys offensive line when he was hired by the Giants.

Perhaps the lack of sophistication in tackling rookie Andrew Thomas, picking the team in the first round, may have led to the change. However, the third-round pick for Matt Burt garnered some praise upon the intervention. Regardless, Judge was clearly not happy with the streak’s direction.

The Giants are 30 yards and 30 on the points scored, and while it’s hard to pin down all of that on the offensive line, Judge was ready to take a dramatic step for change in hopes of improvement.

This step seemed to surprise everyone. The giants were winning and playing better. Most coaches will not do this kind of movement in the middle of the season. The offensive line trainer is a crucial assistant to the device.

The judge came and his methods were extraordinary. But the Giants have been playing hard for him and are in the mood to win the division, although they are clearly lucky to be in the worst league in soccer..

Wednesday’s Staff Reform should be a message to the Giants. Nobody should feel comfortable just because they have won two games in a row.

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World News – USA – Giants Suddenly, head coach Joe Judge sacked forward coach Mark Colombo


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