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In Cyberpunk 2077, you will come across numerous instances where you can intervene in a crime in action. You may even have the opportunity to save civilians and make money in the process! This Cyberpunk Crime and Bounty guide explains everything you need to know about these tasks and how to collect bounties.

One of the earlier things you will learn in Cyberpunk is that you can use V’s improved scanner to see who has a bounty in Night City. All you have to do to « collect » this bounty is simply subdue the enemy. That’s it. There is no delivery, no number to call. Once the job is done, the money is yours.

However, if you submit your chosen target and you don’t see a money popup on the left side of the screen, it may be because you are still in combat.

When you are in combat, Cyberpunk will not display any new XP or money you earned during combat. Instead, all of these popups will appear after you finish the fight. You can tell if you are in combat if your minimap has a red border and it says « Combat » at the bottom of the minimap.

However, is it worth collecting a random bounty? Usually not. Individuals are usually not worth much and you have to submit more than one goal more often than not. The money a person is worth and the Street Cred you can get by submitting them (you can see the Street Cred you get in green text next to the « SC » label in the scanner) vary depending after enemy. If you take out a crime boss, for example, they are worth a lot.

If you take on an attack in progress or any other crime task reported by the NCPD, you will end up taking out multiple enemies with bounties. However, that’s not always the only thing you need to do about a reported crime. Many of them also require you to collect evidence to « finish » the job. You will know you missed it if you are still around with the task on the right side of your screen.

The « evidence » for reported crimes is often splinters of data on a laptop or sometimes in a purse or even on a person. You can use your scanner to find them. They’re usually located near where most of the enemies were when you approached the scene and are identified by the yellow exclamation mark.

When you have successfully collected the evidence, you will see an « Order Complete » notification on the left side of the screen along with your payout.

Some reported crimes have multiple steps too! After collecting the evidence, you should receive a withdrawal. If you see a job update popup on the left instead, check your diary in the menu. Scroll down for gigs and you may have something under an NCPD section that gives you a trackable target for crimes reported by NCPD.

Don’t forget to loot all items in an area after a reported crime has been eliminated! These events are more likely to find you over $ 750 worth of junk.

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World News – USA – How to Get Reward for Reported Crimes, Bounties – Cyberpunk 2077 Wiki Guide – IGN
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