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Follow the live coverage as the Jacksonville Jaguars play the Pittsburgh Steelers at TIAA Bank Field in Jacksonville, Florida for Sunday’s 10 week NFL soccer game. The Jaguars, fourth and last in the AFC South Division, plan to start rookie quarterback Jake Luton for the third year in a row in place of injured starter Gardner Minshew. Jacksonville ranks second in current order for the 2021 NFL Draft. The Steelers lead the AFC North Division with a 9-0 record with Ben Roethlisberger at the quarterback. They currently hold the top seed for the NFL playoffs before the Super Bowl LV.

START OF THE STEEL EXPERIENCE: The jaguars sting after the journey has stopped. Time could become a factor pretty soon.

Jake Luton is released by Bud Dupree and the jaguars’ journey ends again. The rookie quarterback is beaten up by the Pittsburgh Pass Rush.

The Steelers’ Terrell Edmunds is flagged for pass interference, and the Jaguars suffer an initial defeat.

START OF THE JAGUAR DRIVE: Pittsburgh’s punt bounces through the end zone and the jaguars take over the touchback.

Diontae Johnson catches a short pass from Ben Roethlisberger and stretches the ball forward, but not all the way over the chains. James Conner converts the next fourth to Jaguar Territory.

It’s a three-and-off, even though it gained eight meters on the first descent. Jake Luton is under constant pressure from this defense in Pittsburgh.

Pittsburgh Drive comes to a standstill. The bigger issue now is the status of Jaguar’s sophomore pass rusher Josh Allen.

What else can go wrong with #Jaguars? Now Josh Allen is down and his left knee seems to be the problem. Needs help leaving the field. Not good. S Daniel Thomas was also excluded for the rest of the game with an arm injury.

Wrong starts with James Robinson and Jawaan Taylor weakened the momentum of this ride. Then Jake Luton was fired third.

Jake Luton ties up with Tyler Eifert for a first midfield loss. The Jaguars start this half with another solid drive.

This is half time. It started very well for the Jaguars, with a great field of marching and a Chase McLaughlin field goal in the opening possession. Then things began to unravel.

Ben Roethlisberger found his rhythm very good and the receivers Diontae Johnson and Chase Claypool provided highlights in the secondary school. But Roethlisberger could regret that he came under pressure at the last moment of half-time. With a safe and sensible throwaway, Pittsburgh would likely have ended the neighborhood with a field goal.

On the offensive, Jake Luton came under heavy pressure and executed a miss while being intercepted in the middle. James Robinson looked dangerous but how many transfers will he get after half time with a two touchdown deficit?

INTERCEPTION: Daniel Thomas of the Jaguars throws a throw into the end zone when the time is up.

That’s a pass issue at Chris Claybrooks for an obvious jersey hauler, and it’s a first for the Steelers at Jacksonville 24.

INTERCEPTION: Jake Luton crashes his target and it’s another choice for the Steelers. Safety Terrell Edmunds picks it up and returns the ball to his own 29.

After these catches by Diontae Johnson, it felt inevitable: Benny Snell plunged into the end zone from a meter away. A possession that began with Minkah Fitzpatrick’s interception near the goal line goes into the field 44 seconds before half-time.

It’s an acrobatic dive by Diontae Johnson within the 25, and the Steelers are about to score again.

INTERCEPTION: The ride ends: Jake Luton’s pass is hit on the line by former Jaguar Tyson Alualu, and Minkah Fitzpatrick takes it off at 1. The Steelers’ DB is also putting the ball back on 40.

A pass to D. . J. . Chark advances the jaguars near 20. This is an excellent drive for the Jacksonville crime.

The jaguars are on the move. James Robinson runs 18 yards and the Steelers are also marked for a personal foul.

That’s another reason they’re undefeated. A perfect touchdown pass from 31 meters that was dipped into a chase claypool by Ben Roethlisberger. The rookie has two Jaguars around and the Steelers lead by 7 minutes in the second quarter.

Myles Jack is punished for a helmet blow, and this is a first for the Steelers.

Such games, a Chris Conley drop of a perfect ball from Luton on Jan.. and 9. , have been killing #Jaguars all season.

Three-and-off. That was dangerous: A third fall by Chris Conley almost jumped into the hands of the Pittsburgh Secondary.

Chris Boswell doesn’t miss anything this time. The kicker converts his field goal to tie the results.

This is rookie Daniel Thomas with the pass separation in third place to deny Ben Roethlisberger a degree.

Ben Roethlisberger goes to work. He finds Diontae Johnson downfield for a jump close to 50. That was a gain of 21 meters.

START OF STEELERS DRIVE: After Logan Cooke’s punt, the Steelers take over their own 25.

Jake Luton has thrown six imperfections in a row. @ Stahlers approach him from all areas of the field. @Jaguars @jaxdotcom

It’s a threesome for the jaguars. Pittsburgh is under a lot of pressure on Jake Luton, who has almost no time to work with him.

That was close. Jarrod Wilson almost takes off a Pittsburgh pass and almost takes it the other way, but can’t hold on. Nevertheless, the Steelers are stopped.

Ben Roethlisberger is moving across the midfield line to the fast-rising rookie Chase Claypool for the first time.

So much for this field position. The Jaguars failed to include James Conner on this run and it’s a 25 win.

START OF THE STEEL DRIVE: After the piercing, the Steelers are put back on their own 5. Another solid boat from Logan Cooke.

The drive is stalling with imperfections near midfield. Pittsburgh is under increasing pressure on Jake Luton.

START OF THE JAGUAR DRIVE: The Jaguars take a good field position after Chris Boswell’s off-target field goal.

Chris Boswell shoots the ball from 46 yards to the left of the post, the first miss for the Pittsburgh kicker in more than a year.

Ben Roethlisberger’s third down pass to Diontae Johnson does not connect and Pittsburgh Drive stops after a first down.

ONSIDE KICK: Jaguars kick onside – from the foot of Keelan Cole – but the Steelers are ready. They’ll take over the Jacksonville area.

Kicker Chase McLaughlin is at the finish from 41 meters and the jaguars achieve a relative rarity, points on the opening run. You’re up on the Steelers early.

Now it’s James Robinson again, driving to the edge of the red zone in the middle of Pittsburgh defense.

This is a great start for Jake Luton. The rookie quarterback’s third loss to James Robinson advances to the Pittsburgh area.

Inactive jaguars: WR Laviska Shenault, QB Gardner Minshew, CB Sidney Jones, LB Quincy Williams, OL KC McDermott, TE James O’Shaughnessey, TE Tyler Davis.

Jaguar’s defensive coach Jason Rebrovich will not be training against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday due to COVID-19 protocols, the franchise said.

Defense assistant Dwayne Stukes will take over Rebrovich’s duties on matchday. All other Jaguars coaches, players and staff have been cleared for Sunday’s game. | Read more – John Reid

WIN THE JAGUARS IF . . . The defense can continue to play well against the run, forcing the Steelers to get as one-dimensional as possible and then hope to continue to congregate in the big games that have slowly and steadily found their way. | Read more

See how Times Union writers expect the Jaguars to fare against the Steelers at TIAA Bank Field on Sunday. | Read more – employees

Jake Luton will make his third straight start replacing injured quarterback Gardner Minshew. Luton will face an elite Steelers defense with 65 tackles for loss, Jan.. 6% quarterback hit rate in passing games, 52 quarterback rushes and 242. 0 meters lost by sack (242. 0). The Steelers lead the NFL with 36 sacks and 92 quarterbacks hits. The offensive line of the Jaguars faces the biggest challenge of the season. T. . J. . Watt, who comes off as an external linebacker, is second in the league, while the Los Angeles Rams take on Aaron Donald with nine sacks. | Read more – John Reid

When faced with years of mediocrity or worse, an NFL franchise can feel like a dark tunnel of despair from which there is no escape. Players, coaches and fans yearn for days of prosperity with no real sign of it.

Many Jaguar fans certainly feel this way right now, but the truth is, they are hardly alone. NFL cities like Atlanta, Cleveland, Detroit, and New Orleans have each consistently lost for several decades. The Browns have appeared in a playoff game for the past 25 years.

But there’s a franchise – not just in the NFL but in all major professional sports – that has shown that a 180 degree turn is possible. This team has proven that you can go from being a long term ridicule to a long term model franchise that everyone wants to be. | Read more – Gene Frenette

The Jaguars appeared to be the team to beat New England in the AFC, ahead of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Kansas City Chiefs and the Baltimore Ravens.

For the second time since 2007, the Jaguars were the only franchise to beat the Steelers in Pittsburgh twice in the same season during the 2017 season – 30-9 in the regular season and 45-42 in the AFC Divisional Round playoffs Play to secure your spot in the AFC title game before they lose to New England.

On that cold January afternoon in Pittsburgh after their playoff win, so said former Jaguar security guard Barry Church after the game.

« We knew we had that team number, » Church said. « All we did was feed on the fuel that everyone was providing, the media, everyone was talking about how it’s going to go through us, it won’t be like last time. « . Blake Bortles that, Blake Bortles that, all he did was dominate their defenses. ”

Despite the fact that it looked like a potential streak of playoff appearances at the time, there was no interruption. Since their playoff run in 2017, the Jaguars have fought between 12 and 29. The Jaguars face the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday for the longest defeat in franchise history, nine in a row. | Read more – John Reid

The Jacksonville Jaguars will look to possibly create the surprise of the year on Sunday when they take on the undefeated Pittsburgh Steelers at TIAA Bank Stadium.

The Jaguars (1-8) narrowly lost between 24 and 20 to the Green Bay Packers last week. | Read More – Dan Rorabaugh

If there’s one Jaguars player most ardently following the NFL’s COVID-19 protocols, it’s likely rookie quarterback Jake Luton.

That’s because he has had to follow his father Judd’s lead for the past seven months.

Judd Luton was on the front lines with thousands of other first responders and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Luton is a senior medic for the City of Everett, Wash. , a northern suburb of Seattle, and a large part of his daily routine consisted of transporting people showing symptoms of the coronavirus to local hospitals and frequently treating severe symptoms along the way. | Read more – Garry Smits

The 4-year-old boy anxiously watched the first look at his father’s car every afternoon. When Dad pulled up in the driveway, he hurried to get his baseball glove, bat, and ball.

Father and son then went out into the back yard and participated in this most American ritual and played tag. The little boy then asked his father to hit him the ball – grounders, pop-ups, line drives, it didn’t matter.

It would be getting dark soon and mostly cold in the Pacific Northwest. The father, tired from the day’s work as a paramedic and more than a little hungry, told his son it was time to go inside.

Invariably, Jake Luton’s lower lip was trembling and tears filled his eyes. He would ask his father to hit him a few more.

« I wanted to go inside . . . it was dark and cold, « said Judd Luton. « But he would get upset and cry. The deal was that when I met him we would go in next. « 

« I couldn’t get one from him, » said Judd Luton. « He would lay it out, slide, do anything to get to the ball. He just didn’t want to stop. « 

Getting to the ball – to every ball – has been Jake Luton’s life since he started running when he was eight months old. | Read more – Garry Smits

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World News – USA – Jaguars vs.. . Steelers: What You Need to Know About Sunday Jacksonville Game
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