World News – USA – JT Daniels has just smashed the glass ceiling hanging over Georgia Football


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It’s 1:00 a.m. here in the mountain time zone and I’m still trying to process what I’ve just seen.

I am physically sober. My body is drug-free other than Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter (the stuff is crack), but I’m a little bit crazy about what I just saw. A silly ear-to-ear grin is slapped in the face and Georgia’s victory over the state of Mississippi is repeated on my television.

The Georgia Bulldogs have just won a game in which they threw 401 yards and 4 touchdowns. They only ran 8 yards and didn’t force a turnover that night, but they won the game.

Even after a second clock, my mind rejects what it sees. That’s because none of us are used to seeing a Georgia quarterback anything like what we just saw at JT Daniels.

I know you are concerned. The defense could not defend the airstrike. The line of scrimmage looked incapable of blocking the barrel. A game that the pundits predicted would be a blowout turned into a thriller. Forget all of that. We won’t see an air raid for a while and RBU will fix the assault.

I know worry and lamentation are like a familiar warm blanket to us Georgia fans, but put that aside for a minute. . .

He worked through his readings, calmly rolled out of his pocket, and delivered strikes to the recipients.

He delivered 3rd-and-longs all night, bragging back to the line time and again and manipulating cover with pump fakes like a 12-year-old NFL veteran.

JT Damn Daniels laid the team on their backs when everything went wrong and won the soccer game.

When all was said and done, Georgia fans had a lot more than a win to celebrate. What we have here is a complete reorientation of what this program is capable of over the next 14 months.

JT Daniel’s 4 TD passes demonstrated talent, vision and the ability to open up his man before he gets off his break. He could turn Georgia into a CFP team in 2021. Video from @JBP_Official pic. Twitter. com / bbMxrFD44x

As I wrote in Dawg Bites on Monday, it really took Georgia that night to do well for Daniels. I know Brock Vandagriff is coming to campus in a couple of months, but it’s a big jump between high school A-grade football and the inaugural start against Clemson when the Dawgs and Tigers open the 2021 season in Charlotte.

Now the problem is gone. JT Daniels is here, and he’s the kind of quarterback talent this program has been waiting for. Georgia’s deep stable with blue-chip passport catchers was finally able to demonstrate their talent on Saturday evening.

Gone are the worries of receiving talent. A friend text me in the first quarter saying, “Throw it to Pickens until they cover it, then toss it to someone else. Daniels tossed it to Pickens. When the Bulldogs decided to adjust, he tossed it to Kearis Jackson and Jermaine Burton, who were finally allowed to show the world why he was one of the crown jewels of Georgia’s final recruiting class.

Pickens, Burton, and Jackson will be a dreaded trio in the SEC for the remainder of 2020 and all of 2021. Focus on defense and offensive line issues if you have to, but I guarantee you coaches across the SEC will see what JT Daniels did tonight and mutter explosions to themselves.

Best of all, the UGA reception corps looked excited again on Saturday night for the first time in a long time. After mostly missing the last month when open, they’re now within reach for almost every game. They looked like they were having fun on the field and I can confirm that they were pretty happy even after the game.

Georgia has recruited better than anyone in college football for the past four years, and the Dawgs have won big at times, but the 2020 season has been a long alarm bell so far. That bell signaled the end of the days when Georgia could count on winning games with physicality when it came to offensive games and seldom allowed major defense games.

Of course, these are still great features for any football team, but an elite quarterback is the ultimate trump card in college football today. A good offense beats a good defense, and elite quarterbacks can score enough points for the opponent to abandon the game even if it works.

Georgia now has one of those trump cards. When you combine that with the embarrassment of being rich all over the team, the sky is the limit for 2021.

When was the last time you remembered a Georgia quarterback winning a game for us? I really don’t know how far back it would take to find a quarterback performance for the Dawgs that you could say, « We 100%. Lose the game without that guy in the middle. « If you have this guy at the center, it means that in today’s game you will never get out of hand. « .

Daniels can do all throws and even acts like an alpha at press conferences.

To be honest, I’m dizzy. There is no cap on this program that focuses on this type of talent, and that has not been the case in Athens in recent years. The missing piece has been added to the puzzle, and now Georgia’s formidable talent is poised for a legitimate title run.

JT Daniels arrived as Georgia’s starting quarterback and brought a world of possibilities with him.

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World News – USA – JT Daniels just smashed the glass ceiling hangs over Georgia Football
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