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This is essentially Leon Rose’s vision for his « Knicks of Dreams » channeling his inner Ray Kinsella.

The New York Knicks team president has insisted on his summer proclamation that they are building the right path.

Knick’s new coach Tom Thibodeau basically used the same core as last year in the starting unit and despite the numerous injuries was able to get by with what he was on the way to beating two opponents in playoff quality.

The Knicks have a chance to get to the top . 500 for the first time in a long time when they took on the Atlanta Hawks, the losers of their last two games, on Monday night.

It was fun to watch them run the Milwaukee Bucks at home and take a badass win on the street against the Indiana Pacers.

But there were also moments of « growing pain, » just like when their starters shot their way to the wrong end of history with a 23-0 three-point mark in a 17-point loss to the Toronto Raptors.

This prompted Austin Rivers’ takeover of free agents to beg the fearful Knicks fans on their team’s page on Instagram for patience.

NYK vet Austin Rivers wrote on Instagram after losing TOR: “It’s a process. Trust us. We are getting better . . . . I promise we’ll get there step by step. Rivers made Knicks debut on Thursday. New York shot terribly, defended solidly against TOR and fell to 2-3. The full contribution of the rivers here: image. Twitter. com / grsbyqrRjB

The next day, he walked and contributed 15 points, including the game seal, to a character building win in Indianapolis from the bench. Rivers then led us into the culture that Thibodeau built.

« I’ve never done that before. Never have I ever commented on a team page. But I just want to let you know that Knicks have great fans. I know they have waited a long time for progress. We are on the right track, ”said Rivers afterwards.

Rivers has turned down offers from several playoff teams, including seeing his father Doc Rivers again in Philadelphia because he was sold to Rose’s Knicks of Dreams. ”

The Younger Rivers said he hadn’t been around long enough to know all about the Knicks. But he’s really sure of one thing. The Knicks are about to turn the corner.

« I didn’t mean to cut off as someone who knows everything. But they brought all these new people from top to bottom, from Leon to Thibs, from players to coaches, I mean everything . . . the whole nine meters. I just want to let people know that they are patient. We work so hard. Tonight is a big win, but we know we still have a lot to do. Rivers said after taking his third win.

« Every time I come into the locker room, I tell the boys that we have to keep building, we have to keep building. So we’re going in the right direction. I know we have great fans. We’ll do everything we can. We are building and we will get there, ”he continued. “Right now we only have one whole team that is buying it. It’s the beginning, so like we said we still have a lot to do, but it’s just nice to have good people and everyone is buying it.

A few months before Thibodeau was hired, he was a guest on The Platform podcast and conducted an insightful interview.

« As you build a culture, you have to sell your vision to your best players and your best players have to sell it to the rest of the team, » Thibodeau said in May. “Your first meeting is the most important meeting of the year. You have to start with the end. What wins in the playoffs are the things you have to do to build habits. ”

Thibodeau relied on his veterans to the right of the ship. He always mentioned Julius Randle’s leadership that dates back to her OTA.

The Knicks’ quiet but underrated off-season has resulted in characterful and productive veterans with cheap deals. Rivers, Alec Burks and Nerlens Noel are proving to be wise acquisitions through this new, savvy front office.

The veterans have joined Thibodeau’s vision and are selling it to the younger core of the team.

« We get together great. It helps when you have great people. It does my job, Julius’ job, to all of the vets who will lead this team. That makes our work easier, ”said Rivers.

“All of the young people we have are great. Guys who don’t play are really supportive. Everyone cheers for one another. We tried to bring that into the locker room. When you don’t gamble, you enjoy someone else’s success. You have to act right. You have to be professional because you never know who is watching you and you never know when your opportunity will come. At the moment we only have a whole team that is buying in. It’s the beginning, ”he added.

Another off-season acquisition by Knicks, Theo Pinson is one of the guys who drove on the bench and delivered a boost of energy. He had seen this game all over the district when he was No.. The Brooklyn Nets was. 1 cheerleader on the bench.

« I think teammate is the greatest. The more you like yourself off the field, the more helpful it is on the field, especially with a young team. You go out and play selflessly. They just want to play for each other. You want the other person to be successful. Then everyone eats. As you can see, it helps the boys in Brooklyn, ”says Pinson, reflecting on his experience with the networks.

« That will help here too. The guys in the locker room get along very well. We are already a tightly knit group. Even after losing to Indiana [at the start of the season] we talked about what we saw on the pitch, what we can do better, how we can do better on the pitch, how we can finish games. So I think it is a big time to respond early to such a loss, ”Pinson continued.

It showed in their rematch. The Pacers couldn’t bully the Knicks like they did at the season opener. The Knicks showed their newfound chemistry and defensive tenacity.

Rookie point guard Immanuel Quickley represents the future of the Knicks. The dynamic Kentucky security guard has successfully returned from a hip pointer that resulted in him missing four games.

His game and his external threat have given the Knicks offensive a new dimension and stabilized their second unit.

Viewed by fans as a threat to Payton’s starting job, the Veteran Guard has tackled this and is indeed a mentor to the Point Guard of the Knicks of the Future.

« I say Elfrid is definitely a big one and only shows me little things that would help me on and off the floor. I got really close to pretty much all of the guys. I think this team is really tight. We love to be with each other. I feel like this group can do something special because of the kind of chemistry we have, ”said Quickley after the Knicks shootaround in Atlanta on Monday.

Payton has recovered well from his goalless performance in a previous home loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. He has been 18 years old on average since then. 5 points at 61 percent field goal shooting and 5. 8 helps to consolidate his stranglehold on the start job.

The Knicks have long been the mockery of the league, but Thibodeau’s serious approach to the game has started to change the team’s dynamism and culture.

“But New York under Tom Thibodeau looks more coherent. The Knicks move more, cut harder, and play with an organized purpose. Https: // t. co / AbZYGtdDjk

Knicks rookie Immanuel Quickly is already a Jedi master at Lou Williams level who entangles his off-arm with an opponent’s arm to prevent fouls. Got Indy with it three times. picture. Twitter. com / uIPoWWeQpq

Okay @ RjBarrett6. Okay @ AustinRivers25. Okay @nyknicks. I am watching! I understand you all. I understand you all. Play hard EVERY night. And get better too. I am watching! I am watching! Keep it up!

Thibodeau’s ability to maximize the value of his players is viewed as a curse by his critics.

But for a team that lacks real superstars, Thibodeau proves to be the team’s biggest acquisition, essentially being the team’s superstar.

Rose’s unpopular decision to opt for a coach overhaul is paying off for this young Knicks team.

« We want to find the right leader who can develop our young players and hold everyone accountable, » said Rose on his first public appearance in June. “And bring us from development to eternal winner. We also want someone who we believe will work with the front office and someone who any gamer who looks at them knows that person is in the ship and going when you are in that group and when you are look at this trainer’s eyes to get the job done. ”

Rose’s vision of bringing back the Knicks’ old glory is slowly coming to life. Just like Kinsella’s « Field of Dreams » brought Shoeless Jackson and his baseball team back to life.

Rivers can see it. Pinson has seen this game before. Quickley feels it. The national media have taken note of this.

If you build the culture, the victories and stars will come to Leon Rose’s « Knicks of Dreams ». ”

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World News – USA – Knicks of Dreams: Inside the culture building in New York



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