World News – USA – Locals line up to deliver Thanksgiving turkey at Cacia’s Bakery in south Philadelphia despite rain and pandemic


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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – People are keeping a local tradition alive in South Philly this year despite the rain and pandemic. It poured out in south Philadelphia Thursday morning, but that didn’t stop people from lining up outside Cacia’s bakery to hand in their Thanksgiving turkeys.

Cacia’s bakery opened its doors at 6am. m. but the ovens were turned on at four o’clock. m. They go all the way down to 600 degrees and then cool it down to 400 degrees before blasting it back down to 600 degrees.

So you hand in your pre-seasoned bird. You put it in the oven and five hours later you return to a perfectly cooked turkey.

Absolutely flocking to Cacia’s Bakery in South Philly. But that didn’t stop Ms. Vicky Reels from being the first person in line to bake a turkey in a stone oven at 4:05 a.m..

« We’re planning the same procedure, just a bit safer, you know, with the masks, and we’re only going to let one person into the building at a time, » said owner Joey Cacia. « Everything is the same, the same procedure, you come in, you bring your turkey off, we give you a number, you come back in the afternoon. There’s a sign in the shop, and if your number is on that sign, your turkey is ready. They come around the page one at a time, pick up, pay for your turkey, and celebrate your Thanksgiving Day. ”

It’s a tradition like no other. It has been going on for over 50 years – pandemic, rain, it doesn’t matter.

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World News – USA – Locals line up to deliver Thanksgiving turkey at Cacias Bakery in South Philadelphia despite the rain and pandemic
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Locals line up to sell Thanksgiving Turkey at Cacia&’s bakery in South Philadelphia despite rain, pandemic
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Turkey’s cooking tradition continues at Cacia&’s bakery in South Philadelphia.
The Turkish cooking tradition continues in the Cacia& bakery.


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