World News – USA – Looks like the aliens dropped something


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Last week, wildlife officers flew over the deserts of southern Utah and counted all the bighorn sheep that prowled beneath them. They discovered something staggering: between the bright red rocks was a towering metal structure, somewhere between 10 and 12 feet towered in the air. « We happened to fly right over it, » Bret Hutchings, the helicopter pilot, told a local outlet. In his entire career, said Hutchings, the monolith is « the strangest thing I’ve come across ». ”

In the days since then, the helicopter crew has pondered a number of predictable explanations for the miraculous phenomenon: at first, they wondered if the structure belonged to NASA and had fallen from space; After determining that it seemed stuck in the ground, they decided it must have been installed, perhaps by a « New Wave Artist » or a 2001: A Space Odyssey super fan. But, at least in public, they haven’t seriously thought about what we probably all think: That the metal structure clearly belongs to our alien neighbors.

The @ UtahDPS helicopter assisted the @ Utahah-WR counting bighorn sheep in remote southern Utah on Wednesday when the crew came across something that was completely « out of this world ». . . . @ KSL5TV #KSLTV #UtahPhotojournalist: @ Photog_Steve5 pic. Twitter. com / f8P0fayDIS

Let’s see what we know: This object was discovered in an incredibly remote area that humans normally don’t venture into. If an artist or an avid film buff had been responsible, wouldn’t they have proudly volunteered to take on this bizarre installation? Are people really that bored?

A more realistic scenario, in my opinion, is that aliens are trying to build a new base on earth, or that they have decided to touch down on earth to indulge and groove, and because they are with the vacation no Trace principles, they weren’t diligent when it came to picking up all of their belongings and trash. I mean, does anyone know where Demi Lovato was a couple of weekends ago?

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World News – USA – Looks like the aliens dropped something
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