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Posted: 03:20 GMT, Jan.. December 2020 | Updated: 06:56 GMT, Jan.. December 2020

‘The Profit’ host Marcus Lemonis donated 250. $ 000 for finding information on the Nashville bomber

The reward for information about a bomb that struck downtown Nashville early Friday morning is 315. $ 1,000 up after Marcus Lemonis, host of ‘The Profit’, turned 250. Had pledged $ 000.

Lemonis announced its donation on Twitter after minor posts from the Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.. . , FOX Sports presenter Clay Travis and Lewis Country Store.

The reality TV star expressed her horror at the explosion that resulted in the hospitalization of three people.

Cops were rushing to evacuate the area on Christmas Day before dawn when they came across the bomb-rigged RV and made an announcement that it would explode.

‘This is when you, reading this, need to use your social media for what matters most. Protect the people, ”he added. “Let’s get the word out and help the city solve this problem. ‘

The reward pledges were launched on Friday afternoon by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and its members, who received an initial post of Jan.. Before they paid $ 35. $ 000 increased.

‘Like everyone else, we woke up this Christmas morning to the terrible news of the explosion on Second Avenue. Our hearts, thoughts and prayers go with everyone involved or affected, ”said Butch Spyridon, President and CEO of NCVC, in a statement.

The television star expressed her horror at the explosion that led to the hospitalization of three people

Nashville was rocked in the early hours of Christmas morning after a bomb exploded at 6 a.m.. 40 a.m. from a motor home that plays a strange 15-minute countdown when repeated

BI and first responders edit the scene after an explosion in Nashville before dawn on Friday, which later turned out to be the deliberate bombing of an RV.

‘This is when we show the world who we are. Thank you for everything you do for our city and stay safe. I believe in Nashville. ‘

This was followed by a donation from Travis of 10. 000 USD and a donation of 20. $ 000 from the Lewis Country Store before Lemonis stepped in.

‘It’s a shame this happened on Christmas Day or any other day!’ Lewis Country Store said.

« Watch the non-stop coverage of the pointless bombings in downtown Nashville, » wrote country radio host Shawn Parrs.

‘@marcuslemonis, thank you for increasing the reward $! I am always PROUD to represent @CampingWorld. Many thanks to our first responders who were there all day. ‘

The reward pledges were launched on Friday afternoon by the Nashville Convention & Visitors Corp and its members, who received an initial post from Nov.. Before they paid $ 35. $ 000 increased.

Lemonis grew up in Miami in a large American Lebanese family after being adopted from Lebanon in 1974 at the age of nine months.

The 47-year-old worked for his family business before starting his own business and becoming a noted CEO and speaker.

He is the founder and CEO of Camping World, Good Sam Enterprises, Gander Outdoors and The House Boardshop and started hosting ‘The Profit’ in 2013.

On the reality show, Lemonis is looking for promising but stalled small businesses he can help.

In October, he also founded the Lemon-AID Foundation with a $ 50 million pledge to provide better opportunities for small businesses and underserved communities.

Nashville was rocked in the early hours of Christmas morning after a bomb exploded at 6 a.m.. 40 a.m. from a motorhome that plays a strange 15 minute countdown when repeated.

Mayor John Cooper installed a curfew around the bomb site Friday night while the investigation continued and the FBI sought clues.

Police also confirmed that tissue was found on the bomb that they believed could have been human.

They did not disclose how close the RV was found or whether it could be linked to a suspect or victim.

The bomb exploded from a vehicle on Second Avenue between Church and Commerce Streets.

The police were already there evacuating people after being called into the area forty minutes earlier.

When they got there, officials said there was no apparent sign of a shooting, but the RV played an announcement with a woman’s voice saying it was going to explode in 15 minutes.

This photo from the Metro Nashville Police Department Twitter page shows a motor home that was later sold on Jan.. December 2020 in Nashville, Tennessee, exploded. It is shown at 1. Thursday evening 10 p.m.. It was detonated at 6 a.m. on Friday. 40 p.m.

It is not clear whether the recordings were possibly made on the recording played by the motorhome.

The police don’t even know if anyone was in the RV when it exploded because the explosion was so violent that it was completely wiped out along with everything in it.

The explosion caused widespread internet and cell phone outages, with problems reported in Kentucky and Tennessee around noon local time.

The outage hit local 911 systems and caused the FAA to temporarily suspend flights from the local airport.

It is unclear whether the AT&T building was the target of the bomb, but the vehicle was parked outside. There are also bars, restaurants and apartments nearby that weren’t open yet.

‘The FBI faces this very tragic event on Christmas Day with the City of Nashville today.

‘This is our city too. We live here, we work here. We’re doing everything we can to find out who was responsible for what happened here today.

Anyone with information about the incident has been asked to contact the FBI at www. fbi. gov / nashville or by calling them.

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World News – USA – Marcus Lemonis, presenter of ‘The Profit’, rewards the Nashville bomb with 250. $ 000
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