World News – USA – Moreno Valley woman, 19, dies after being stabbed in Chino


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A 19-year-old woman from the Moreno Valley died on Monday morning in Chino after a stab wound, reported the Chino police.

Around 6:14 a.m.. m. The officers responded to a call on the 13,800 block of Farmhouse Avenue about an interference between two people. When the officers arrived, they found Kaylie Cristobal, who was suffering from a stab wound.

Officials began life-saving efforts and were relieved by medical personnel from the Chino Valley Fire Department, police said. Despite life-saving efforts, Cristobal succumbed to her injuries on site.

Thuong Truong, a 34-year-old Rosemead woman, has been detained in connection with the murder, Chino police said. The sting was an isolated incident resulting from a domestic argument, and there are no outstanding suspects.

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World news – USA – The 19-year-old woman from the Moreno valley dies after a sting in Chino
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