World News – USA – Nostradamus Predictions: Did the French Mystic Predict Apollo 11’s Moon Landing?


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Michele de Nostredame, better known as the Prophet Nostradamus, is considered by many to be the greatest mystic and clairvoyant in the world. Nostradamus’ followers write to the writer of the 16th. Century an incredible foresight and believe that he had predicted the future in cryptic passages that he wrote before his death in 1566. Nostradamus is believed to have accurately predicted events that would change the world, such as the Great Fire of London in 1666 or the assassination of J.. F.. . Kennedy in 1963.

Certain events, dates, or locations are rarely mentioned in the poems, but many conspiracy theorists believe that the quatrains contain a wealth of information.

The Volume of Prophecies is divided into 10 verses or centuries, each containing 100 quatrains.

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On 20. July 1969, two men landed on the lunar surface in a historic event that marked the culmination of the Cold War space race.

The men were NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, which included Michael Collins, who was lagging behind in lunar orbit.

In the years since the moon landing, conspiracy theorists have questioned this story, claiming the achievement never occurred and was instead shot in a Hollywood studio.

Even more bizarre, it has been suggested that the moon landing took place, and Nostradamus knew about it more than 400 years in advance.

A Twitter user said: « Nostradamus apparently predicted the moon landing and the reign of Adolf Hitler. « 

Another person wrote on the Unexplained-Mysteries blog. com: « I have interpreted four quatrains from Nostradamus that I believe accurately predict the landings of the Apollo moon will be betrayed. « 

The person then went into detail to explain how they think Nostradamus warned us about an elaborate joke about the moon landing.

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Translated from French it says in English: « He will come to go to Luna’s corner,

Luna is the Latin word for the moon and in this context it should speak of the moon landing.

Similarly, the « foreign land » was cited in the passage as evidence that Nostradamus describes travelers flying to an exotic location – astronauts on the moon.

Unfortunately, there is no credible evidence to back up claims that Nostradamus had powers that enabled him to predict the future.

Most skeptics agree that Nostradamus was simply a writer whose enigmatic poetry caught the imagination of thousands of people around the world.

Brian Dunning, host of the Skeptoid podcast, argued that people who claim to find a hidden meaning in Nostradamus’ writings are doing so without any basis in reality.

« Ambiguous and incorrect translations, ‘creative’ interpretations, jokes, fictional reports and the breaking of non-existent codes in his quatrains contribute to a multitude of works, all of which are incorrect and many times larger than anything Nostradamus ever did wrote. ”

He added, « Michel de Nostredame really was one of the brilliant lights of his time, but subscribing to fake stories and urban legends means not respecting who the man actually was.

« Appreciate his contributions to Renaissance medicine and literature, and don’t trivialize his good works in favor of a fake story of paranormal magical powers. « 

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World News – USA – Nostradamus Predictions: Did the French Mystic Predict the Apollo 11 Moon Landing?


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