World News – USA – Prime 6 Charcoal on Shark Tank: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know


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Entrepreneurs Oron and Riki Franko took their company Prime 6 Charcoal to the sharks at the ABC Shark Tank to see if they could get a deal from one of the investors.

The couple got into the tank and were able to present their products to long-time Sharks Daymond John, Kevin O’Leary, Mark Cuban and Laurie Greiner and sometimes to the guest shark Blake Mycoskie.

Prime 6 Charcoal is made from hardwood sawdust, according to the company’s website. The sawdust is compressed and slowly charred into charcoal. No additives, binders or chemicals are added to the mixture.

« Pure charcoal, pure taste, » says the website. “No binders. No fillers. No chemicals that smoke your food. Pure flame aroma only. ”

« Made from recycled hardwood waste sawdust, » says the website. “So you can feel good while grilling – just as nature intended. ”

One advantage of the couple’s charcoal is that it burns at a higher temperature and burns longer than traditional charcoal.

« Our unique hexagonal design allows the air to circulate better to cook more evenly, » says the website. “And because Prime 6 is denser than other charcoals, it burns longer, more evenly and hotter, leaving almost no ash behind – and only minimal cleaning. ”

Prime 6 is denser than other charcoals, so it can burn over 4 hours and take less to burn, the website says.

The story of how the company was founded posted on the Prime 6 website says that the husband and wife duo created charcoal because they have a passion for grilling.

« We love inviting people to eat and trying new recipes – from flatbreads and fajitas to kebabs and biscuits, » the website says. « We’re never happier than when the kids are playing outside on a blanket, there’s music on the speakers, and we’re sizzling something tasty for dinner. ”

No special grill or equipment is required to use Prime 6 in place of other charcoal. According to Prime, to use Prime 6 Charcoal, the consumer must break the briquettes to fit the grill and then choose one of three lighting methods.

The user can use a chimney starter, build a coal tower « pagoda » or build a charcoal pyramid and then apply direct heat. The website says it takes about 15 to 20 minutes to light the charcoal.

Then when it turns red, cook. When the food is cooked, put the lid on the grill, strangle the oxygen, and then the charcoal can be reused for the next cooking session.

The charcoal also works on smokers of all shapes and sizes, in a fire pit, in a pizza oven, and in any other type of grill.

At the time of writing, the charcoal comes in three sizes: a 9-pound box, an 18-pound box, and a 22-pound box. The 22 lb is the most expensive at $ 49. 99.

The products can all be purchased online on the Prime 6 website and are also available on Amazon.

Switch to Shark Tank to see if Prime 6 Charcoal gets a deal from one of the sharks.

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World News – USA – Prime 6 Charcoal on ‘Shark Tank ‘: 5 Quick Facts You Need To Know


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