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8 pm: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Florida, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee

9 pm: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, South Dakota, Texas, Wisconsin, Wyoming

* US territories Residents can not vote in federal elections; they will vote in elections for local authorities, as well as the

vote initiatives

Election officials warn that we probably will not know who won the White House on election day, claiming that some States will need more time to count the votes due to the increase in the number of ballots by mail Unless Biden had to withdraw early upset – say win Florida on election night – experts estimate it will take at least a few days for a vote unofficial account In states like Pennsylvania, officials do not even begin to counting the mail ballots before November 4 because their resources are so limited

Since our electoral system gives each state a number of votes in the electoral college, the comfortable lead Biden in national polls will not mean much if it can not capture a number ‘Swing States Experts and pollsters have identified Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida and North Carolina as the main swing states in this election These states, which total 101 electoral votes between them, have accounted for nearly 85% of ad spend in this election season, according to NPR Polls show Biden to lead in six swing states Polls show Biden also appears competitive in « range » states of Ohio, Georgia and Texas

David Wasserman, an analyst at the nonpartisan Cook Political Report, has identified 10 counties whose results could predict the winner in the condition:

A county not on the list is the county of Vigo, Indiana Housing 107038 inhabitants, Vigo County voted for every presidential winner since 1956. He leans Trump

There are 35 seats in the Senate election, 23 of which belong to Republicans and Democrats.12 Given that Democrats currently hold 45 seats (plus two independents who meet with them) compared to Republicans’ 53, it they would need a net gain of three to four seats to win the majority The lists of the Cook Political Report eight GOP held seats as toss-ups or leaning Democrat and a Democrat-Republican seat supported as required Below the seats that could decide the Senate:

National Conference of State Legislatures says 121 statewide voting actions decided in 2020 general election Among the most important ballot measures:

As of Monday night, Americans had cast a record 97 million early ballots, according to the US Elections Project, a turnout tracking database – more than two-thirds of total votes cast in 2016

There are indeed Researchers suggest avoiding arguments (that means limiting time on Twitter), eating healthy foods, keeping discounts on alcohol, and exercising In addition, you can always go to bed before anything is called The results will always be there in the morning

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