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World News – USA – Report: FOX Exec hints the network could get out on bail Thursday night

. . The television station asking for NFL rights is running billions - and billions - of dollars on the line. A report from Variety suggests whether FOX will have to choose between Thursday ...

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TV station bid for NFL rights runs billions – and billions – dollars on the line.

A report from Variety suggests that there will be no competition if FOX has to choose between the Thursday and Sunday packages due to the astronomical cost.

« If there’s a choice between the two, » said Steve Tomsic, Fox Corp.. . The FOX CFO, speaking to investors at a conference organized by UBS, is at the heart of FOX. ”

He added, « The company’s legacy was built on Sunday afternoon in football, » a reference to founder Rupert Murdoch’s decision in 1993 by paying a whopping $ 1 for his fledgling Fox network To gain momentum. 6 billion for the rights to Sunday NFL games previously held by CBS.

CBS, NBC, and FOX are believed to be paying $ 3 together. 1 billion a year for Sunday games. The ESPN rights to air Monday Night Football are believed to cost around $ 1. 9 billion a year. The NFL’s contracts with FOX, CBS and NBC will expire after the 2022 season, and the contract with ESPN will expire after 2021.

FOX has signed a separate contract for the broadcast of “Thursday Night Football” for five years from autumn 2019. This contract is believed to be around $ 650 million per season.

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World News – USA – Report: FOX Exec suggests the network could go on bail on Thursday Night Football

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